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    Ross-Tech HEX-USB+CAN

    Is this still available?
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    FREE: OH: MK4 Grey GLX power front seats

    Do you have pics you could post or PM me?
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    MK6 Golf TDI And GTI Parts

    Interested in the Golf R E-Brake cover. Should I PM you? Email might be a quicker form of communication.
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    If I buy a TDI today, does it still qualify for buyback?

    I would call the Claims number and check. I have a feeling that the answer is no, as the time to make yourself known as a claimant was back in September I believe.
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    Buyback and getting a GTI, what are some of the deals you're getting?

    Looking to get a GTI S with LP or a Sport. I don't like the leather seats in the other models, mainly because I like the character that the plaid seats give the car vs. leather. Although I wish they didn't get rid of the fog lights on the sport. Also playing with the idea of the R. Hoping by...
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    Nissan Juke diesel

    Hallo Deutscher 1 Diesel! Wie magst sie deiner 1er? Und was denkst die auf das VW diesel Skandal hier im USA? Also ich bin auch Deutscher and hat noch viel Familie der wohnt noch im Deutschland und das interessiert mich was andere leute denkst auf dieses situation mit VW.
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    For those keeping their TDI

    Hey, I plan on keeping mine for at-least another year or so. I know that i'll never get this kind of deal again so I'm leaning more to the buyback but I'm in no rush whatsoever. I still love the car so I may still take the fix. It just depends on what that fix is for me. Given that the DPF...
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    Buyback and getting a GTI, what are some of the deals you're getting?

    I'm going to wait a few more months so that I'll have more money to put down on a new GTI Sport. Main reason for going with the sport is that I wanted the cloth plaid seats along with the lighting package. I'd like the sunroof, but its just one more thing to creak or leak as the car gets older...
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    Here's your stripped car test case folks...

    If only you were closer, I'd be interested in that front end.
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    Feeler: Mk6 Golf AFS Bi-xenon LED DRL for your halogens +cash

    I may be interested. I'm in SW Ohio. Are there any cracks or major imperfections on the headlights?
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    My New W8

    Is anyone else having trouble seeing the photo?
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    Here's your stripped car test case folks...

    Haha maybe in the darkness they won't see all the missing parts and take the car since it gets dark around here by like 5:30
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    Here's your stripped car test case folks...

    I'm friends with him, he said that his buy back is scheduled for 6:30Pm today.
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    Show Up to Appointment 2 weeks early?

    So what do they do all day? Will these reps be stationed at all of these dealerships until December of 2018?
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    Best MKVI Golf TDI Year

    Oilhammer, you bring up multiple good points that I hadn't thought of. I guess it's some of the aesthetic things. I always enjoy looking into my engine bay and remembering how simple and almost empty the engine bay looked like in my 2008 Civic. Sure the Civic was reliable, but this TDI beats...