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    Passenger Mirror shake

    While driving my 2015 the right mirror shakes all over the place. When parked there is no movement at all it is solid as it should be. I can move it around with the mirror control while moving. Very strange, for nothing is loose or disconnected, it is like the electric motor that operates the...
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    Another heater core?

    I would just get it flushed and put the G13 back in. for the $200 or so to flush I think it should be good for a while especially after the original stuff is gone. the service shop I was talking to said that once they flushed and got rid of the original fluid the second cores were lasting. So I...
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    Another heater core?

    I am going to flush the system on mine really well and see if that makes a difference. The problem is that the core traps the particulates instead of letting them flow through. I stopped at a local VW/Audi service shop and he had two of the cores that he cut in half and it was amazing the amount...
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    Another heater core?

    Interesting update. I spoke to the service manager at my VW dealer here. When they replaced the core last year he had to eat the repair that VW would not cover it. He said being that I did not have an emission code come of from the EGR they would not cover it. Now mine is a 2015 and apparently...
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    Passager side blows cold

    Warranty info click link
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    Another heater core?

    Well I had a new heater core replaced last winter, and today I found the passenger side is cold again. I came here and found this new thread, hoping someone has found out what the true cause is. My unit is a 2015 with 135,000kms about 84,000miles. I run lots of hiway and I have it tuned. I might...
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    How much did you spend to make your TDI fun?

    I really enjoy mine now. Malone stage 2, Koni struts and H&R OE springs. Got rid of the Buick LeSabre wallowing, and it pulls really well now.
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    2015 Passat 6M Koni Special Active Shocks, H&R OE springs, Malone Stage 2 2014 Jetta DSG H&R...

    2015 Passat 6M Koni Special Active Shocks, H&R OE springs, Malone Stage 2 2014 Jetta DSG H&R Sport Springs, Malone Stage 2
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    VW dealership used 0-30 oil in my 2.0L TDI.

    Hi gentlemen, I have 2 TDI's a 2014 jetta and a 2015 passat. I am now confused with the oil situation. My dealer here in Edmonton, Ab has always used a castrol oil, and most recently have changed to mobil 1. 0W30. I don't know enough about oil and I read some of the stories and both my cars are...
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    What to do suspension?

    I replaced the shocks with a set of Koni’s and also the springs to H&R OE sports. Incredible difference, the car is now the way it should have been! Absolutely love it!
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    Bottoming out problem

    I hate my suspension wallows all over the place. I am going to try the KONI Special ACTIVE units.
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    What to do suspension?

    Excellent, thanks people I will check this stuff out!
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    What to do suspension?

    I can’t seem to be able to follow these links. Am I missing something?
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    New to VW 1 year ago TDI I decided to buy a 2015 Passat TDI last year. The deal was right and I love the car. Started thinking about upgrading the suspension for it is the only downside I can see so far. Started looking around and found this site. Hopefully I can find the right setup from the...
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    What to do suspension?

    I own a 2015 Passat TDI. Love the car however I really hate the suspension. It wallows, is jarring and feels cheap. Other than perfectly smooth pavement I don’t enjoy the ride. I want to achieve a great driver that I can enjoy every day. Who can tell me if a set of Bilsteins are the ticket or...