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    What did you do to your MkVI-A6 today?

    Nice warm day so I lubed my sunroof. Creaks and groans gone for a while. No I’m not referring to the ones while opening or closing, just the regular ones while driving.
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    BEW- Does anyone here know ?

    My understanding is that the butterflies close off part of the intake under low rpm to increase the air velocity in the remaining tracts and resulting swirl in the combustion chambers. This probably reduces emissions and might help response, power and economy. I think people who are modifying...
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    Electric Radiator Fans Run Max With No Reason

    AH- you don’t have hills. Even at -20 C I get the coolant gauge straight up before I get to work. 2 km of 8% grade helps, I’m typically reading 30C at the bottom and over 70 C at the top, taking it easy in 4th gear at about 2000 rpm. That said, with the original thermostat at -30 C, on the...
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    LP-EGR was disconnect after DPF replacement.

    My car received the same tube, but the dealer connected it properly.
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    Cooling fan does not stop

    Be aware your temperature gauge is buffered and will read 190 at any temperature between about 170 and 207 F
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    Electric Radiator Fans Run Max With No Reason

    If your temperature gauge isn’t getting to the middle (90) the coolant temperature is below 75C. It should get there within 10 minutes of a cold start even well below freezing. I’m not sure that’s got anything to do with the radiator fans running though. If it doesn’t get there you need a new...
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    Do all 2013 Golf Wagons have Bluetooth?

    RCD 330 plus gives you Bluetooth phone for about $300US. Plug and play OEM VW radio from China. Mine has worked flawlessly for 3 years.
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    Crank, Intermittent Start, Flashing Glow plug light

    I recall in the thermostat replacement thread a mention of a wear spot somewhere near the alternator or HPFP. Can’t remember exactly but mine was showing a little chafing so I wrapped a bit of bicycle inner tube around it.
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    Bolt Size And Thread Pattern N90305304

    I’d bet m6x1 but could be m6 x .75. Given the cost of a m6 at Home Depot I would buy both if available. Cheaper than going back a second time🤤
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    MK6 2012 VW Golf Wagon TDI DSG Speed Reading 8-9% Over Actual

    Totally normal, the cluster reads 6% higher than the actual speed with the odometer reading correctly. The parallax in the analog speedometer adds a bit more. If you want your actual speed you can install a Polar FIS which will give you an actual speed reading in the instrument panel or you can...
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    Hatch Latch

    It is a known issue. You might need a new latch. That said, mine has done it intermittently for years, rear interior light doesn’t work. I bought a latch with a camera in it a couple years ago...
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    Causes of n75 not working

    You should be able to read all three EGT’s in VCDS or your choice of software. My question would be do they make any sense (but maybe ecu doesn’t like the readings) or are they nonsense or nothing there.
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    Suspension refresh, anything missing?

    The big bolt is moved relative to what? The bolt goes into the frame rail, if that is moved the car is done IMHO, but I doubt you could do that without first shearing the bolt. Come to think of it I wonder if the bolt is seriously bent and you might just be measuring how much. No adjustment in...
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    P0116 and P2183 Coolant temp sensor(s) - Intermittent no start

    It’s a diesel. Seems to me that as long as it’s not really cold, has compression and the fuel is being injected at about the right time it should start. I thought if a temperature sensor went out the ecu saw either hot or cold and I’d be surprised if a warm engine wouldn’t start at either of...