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    Timing belt Job Central Coast Ca

    I've had a good interaction at Top shop. Does it need a TB or is the IP quantity off?
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    Timing belt Job Central Coast Ca

    Hey fellow 805 local, The nearest best TDI place is in Huntington Beach, SMS European. Avoid the places in Ventura like the plague; AG Autoworks and Concours motors. There may be some decent places on the trusted mechanics lists, last I recall there were a few trusted TDI mechanics in SB.
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    WTB - 02J transmission, CA and I80 corridor

    Checkout "quality german auto parts" down in Victorville, i got my swap kit for like 900 bucks
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    Help! Trusted mechanic needed within 200 miles of southern Oregon

    try messaging Matt-98AHU , he's in your neck of the woods. Or check out the trusted TDI mechanic link
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    MK4 wagon autocross wheel size

    Im wondering for those that have autocrossed the mk4 platform what wheel size did you choose? I have 15's on my wagon right now but im looking to get another set of OEM wheels in either size up to 18's GLI BBS's.
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    San Diego area Guru recommendation needed.

    I second SMS euro, I drive over two hours to get to Huntington and had him do my TB and 5-speed swap on my ALH, and he's resealed my injection pump too plus. He's been nothing short of awesome in every interaction I've had with him. 100% worth the drive.
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    Does anyone want a blown ALH longblock (to rebuild) for free in Los Angeles?....

    where about in the valley, I'm interested
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    Trusted TDI mechanic around San Diego area for timing belt

    I don't know if you found someone but i recommend SMS European in Huntington beach, also try posting on the Westcoast page too there are sometimes more replies there.
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    New California smog checks.......

    its just adding some un-needed hassle and stress, its funny the TDI's are more efficient tuned. Hopefully it doesn't make smog more exepsnive
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    wtb 02M shift tower and selector

    Im looking to upgrade the shifter on my DQY trans, it has the 02A shifter and I need everything to swap in the O2M shifter to use the diesel geek short shift kit
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    ALH upgrades

    I generally cruise at 70-80-ish depending on the day lol, the poor automagic is screaming at 2700+. based on the calculator i used .658 would be good, i just need one for a good price. The clutch and swap kit took a good bite out of the old wallet
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    ALH upgrades

    hmm noted, i can't seem to find that thread, there are a few hits on google but it talks about the mpg gain. I've seen some on ebay but im not too sure. I'm going with the stage 2 south bend and adding the diesel geek shift kit.
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    ALH upgrades

    Howdy, I'm looking at doing a 5-speed swap and some more mods down the line, and looking for a place to buy the .622 gear for the highway. I'm looking for recommendations on a clutch that could handle a Malone stage 2 or 3 tunes; paired with an upgraded exhaust(Catback most likely since I'm in...
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    Need a guru or excellent mechanic in the SF Bay area-ish

    I've had some luck here in SoCal but my wagon's trans is dying and I'm on the hunt for a shop to do the swap lol
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    wagon 01M

    I noticed this today and under acceleration from a start there's a sputter like a bad CV joint but I've checked both sides inside and out and all boots are in solid shape and the on problem boot was replaced. And I think it's the transmission. I think tomorrow I'm going to look at the fluid and...