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    Wtb kpe1 alh manifold

    I need just the hot side
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    Alh 5 speed help plz

    Solved out wrong inter cooler in had three bar map on factory turbo yikes runs great now
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    Alh 5 speed swap

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    Alh 5 speed help plz

    Like the n75 is stuck in the auto mapping
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    Alh 5 speed help plz

    N75 not nut and yes it is
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    90 Quattro coupe

    Sold 4 k drive it home to ohio
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    Alh 5 speed help plz

    The swap is done it runs drives but when the nut should open it dies. Almost like it is stuck in auto tune but it has been switched to 2 on soft coding and can bus gateway to 6. The car literally dies and like floods out any help be great
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    Alh 5 speed swap

    I just preformed a 5 speed swap in my 01 Jetta and the n 75 is not working right. I re coded the ECU to 2 even reset the can bus gateway to 6 and it still does not work properly. It does run and move but stays in quick spool and when the nut should open it floods the motor out and it dies any...
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    90 Quattro coupe

    I have a 90 Quattro coupe I'd like to see what it will fetch on here shoot an offer. Open to trades It's 7a 5 cylinder petrol pearl white blue interior all stock car. Was hit in from amd had been r titled dam shame it should of been fixed not totalled Just was old and no part availability
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    WTB Mk4 Jetta leather seats located in central PA

    Dansers u pull it in blairsville has a mint black interior leather just seen it today
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    Wtb: gen 1 standalone haldex controller

    Anyone with a lead or has one please pm me thanks
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    02M 6spd w. awd stg 3 Spec clutch

    How much for that clutch I got my work done just saving for the trans from darksaide
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    Fresh rebuild runs then stalls out

    Yea I figured it out the cam was graphite coded because it is stage 2 and new and I did not sand the coating off behind the wheel it was slowly working its way out of time I caught it before it hit the Pistons and ruined the head also had no oil pressure the housing must have been plugged up got...