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    Wtb*** mk4 r32 rear trunk section

    Korwerks LLC. 1671 County Rd 1 Westtown, NY (845) 987-4641 Bryan Post - One Love Auto Group LLC 1361 Farmington Ave Pottstown, Pa...
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    AC problem

    I’d ask the AC shop if they evacuated the system first before they tried to recharge the system. This checks the system for leaks and also creates a vacuum to draw in the freon. They did confirm that the clutch engaged normally when they jumped the pump connection. From A/C101 “After system has...
  3. Bentley Manual.jpg

    Bentley Manual.jpg

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    VAG Tacho 2.5

    PM sent
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    Audi Q7 TDI

    Black Audi Q7 w/Wisconsin plates on the NYS Thruway I90W between exit 43 Manchester and exit 44 Canandaigua
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    Picture test

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    Picture test

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