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    Fuel Prices

    Has anyone figured why diesel costs THAT much more now than any grade of gasoline? Prior to Putin's tantrum, the difference between diesel and SUL was just a few cents.
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    Anybody track their 2015 TDI golf?

    dieselgorl is your transmission manual?
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    Design Flaw Leaks?? What does "limited warranty" mean? How long does a "bumper to bumper" warranty last? Will insurance cover a $20,000 repair?
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    Recommended clutch/flywheel

    What does WOT stand for? Google shows me world of tanks. Pfft.
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    Which Receiver Hitch for Bike Rack?

    Whichever one you get add the option of wiring to trailer lights. You never know. I installed mine and this allowed me to pull a U Haul enclosed trailer.
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    I've read from BITOG that Blackstne doesn't measure fuel dilution accurately. The only factor here that I can gather is the routine use of Stanadyne with every fill of my fuel tank.
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Mk7 Sportwagen TDI DPF/DEF/EGR delete Malone 2 straightpipe with 62,900 miles. No other modifications. The only additive I put in the fuel tank is Stanadyne Diesel performance formula Sent my used oil Mobil Delvac Extreme 15W/40 to Blackstone with 5700 miles since oil change. Typical driving...
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    Service campaign 34J7: replace gear shifter trim

    Is this recall only for automatic transmissions?
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    Service campaign 34J7: replace gear shifter trim

    I bought my 2015 Mk7 used. Chatted with a VW of America rep. Mine is a 6 speed manual and she said there aren't any recalls for my car. Hmmmmm
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    Venting in a MKVII

    I routinely get about 600 per tank on highway and city driving like a senior citizen on the right lane
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    Venting in a MKVII

    I cannot remember where I read it but letting the fuel tank run down to near "0" miles SUPPOSEDLY is not good for the lift pump. I guess the pump has to work extra hard to bring the fuel to the front?
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Just looked into the Braille brand and saw a G30 for much more. Is "bigger better"?
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    A "What's it Worth" Thread

    $43,000 with under 200 or so miles. 6 speed manual, Incredible.
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    CP3 pump install - it’s installed

    Searched. Most are refurbished. Different tolerances after refurb? Any place that sells an entire pump brand new? Saw few vendors selling a "core". If there is a "core" is there a "shell" or "housing"?
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    CP3 pump install - it’s installed

    What is/are the advantage(s) of the swap?