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    1982 m-TDi Rabbit Pickup ?'s

    Hello Brady, As you can see this is what your talking about,it is a direct bolt in, it will do 100 mph due to gearing, could use another gear or taller tires, it all works fine. I drive it every day, will go 1500 mi on one fill up with 2 tanks...
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    1Z TDi going into 1977 Scirocco

    Hello, Just use your old bolts for the clearance check, should be no problem. Mark
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    1980 VW Pickup 1.9 AHU Turbo, 5 spd

    Update: Just passed 57k, with approx 30.7k on 1.9 & rebuilt trans, I was hoping to make the timing belt change at 60K before major repairs. The Advance Injection Pump is working superbly despite opinions other wise The clutch and crank seals are the problem. Tried another Muff shop, they all...
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    Samurai Diesel Fits a stock ahu like a IDI pump, all the best features and new! 30K on mine and no issues, Mark
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    1980 VW Pickup 1.9 AHU Turbo, 5 spd

    55,775 mi on OD, 1.9 went in with 27,300 on OD, 42mpg seems to be the average been running great, wish I had gotten the a/c done, its been real hot early this year, developed some oil leaks, I think I will try and take care of those when the first timing belt change is due, due to the rear seal...
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    1981 Rabbit 1z conversion

    Photo bucket website, copy url to your posting page.
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    Mild steel manifold flanges?

    hello, Just an idea, if you have all the parts cut aluminum, I have taken mine to a radiator shop to have them welded together. good luck, Mark
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    1981 Rabbit 1z conversion

    rushimrio12, I am using a u tube instead of an inter-cooler and this works well, the aluminum tube for the turbo discharge AHU has been cut/shortened and tig welded back together, I am using the stock radiator at this time, I will more than likely do the radiator that I described when the first...
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    1981 Rabbit 1z conversion

    Hi I have the stock A/C unit in the pickup, same problem. Would like an intercooler sometime, if your diesel is a TDI it will not need the larger radiator that the N/A diesel needs as they run cooler, I am probably going to have a radiator built to accommodate the radiator/ intercooler in the...
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    1980 VW Pickup 1.9 AHU Turbo, 5 spd

    thanks John, Did not see to much for the 020, but if I ever move up it might be a solution,
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    1980 VW Pickup 1.9 AHU Turbo, 5 spd

    Hi, I am still looking into clutches and hope folks with a 020 trans will let me know if they have had great experiences with a setup, Time wise was a while as I did the engine /trans /exhaust / mounts and all when I had time, I have other vehicles. There is some fab work but minimal with the...
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    Let the fun begin 81 rabbit pickup

    Take a look here, good luck!
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    1980 VW Pickup 1.9 AHU Turbo, 5 spd

    Update: Just pasted 54k, with approx 27.7k on 1.9 & rebuilt trans, Finally sorted out down pipe and tail pipes fr exhaust, had a small fire as a result of crack in down pipe that melted ALH intake up pipe above manifolds, I have Michelin defenders 175/70/13 on the 13" rims that were installed...