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    WPI 2018 Black Friday/cyber monday deal

    Hello folks, a few suggested I make a post so here it is. Coupons are BFATM, BF2018A, BF2018B and will be active Friday at 12:01am until Monday 11:59pm. . Sale includes clutch kits, LSD's, and all kinds of other goodies. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Matt Whitbread disappeared

    There's quite a bit of misinformation floating around here. I have not disappeared nor am I hiding. I simply have gotten busy in the shop and now have a family, so I choose to spend as much free time with them possible and work mostly normal business hours. Reading around on forums isn't a top...
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    HELP! Rover 300 pump onto an AHU. HELP!

    I've had my hands on 6 now and they are all 180 off for us as configured from the Rover. The 2 attached pictures show that it has to be this way. They are using the same port we use for #4 as #1. So the rover pump is still timed to cyl #1 on the rover engine, but our lines make it 180 degrees...
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    HELP! Rover 300 pump onto an AHU. HELP!

    You have a whole host of issues going on here. First, the rover pumps are 180 degrees off for cyl 1 timing. Here's what I do; pull the plug on the nose of the pump that will let you insert a locking bolt. Roll the pump 180 clockwise from the stock LR timing pin position, and when you come up to...
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    brakes building pressure after manual trans swap

    Regardless of preferred method, the oem lines are a giant PITA to install. The flex lines take no joke under a minute to install with no unbolting of anything and no french uttered. I'll never mess with a rigid line again.
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    Northern MI June GTG

    As long as you bring most all of the needed tools and your own fluids, I don't have a problem if you want to do a tbelt. I'm sure there will be more than enough handy people in attendance to lend an eye if needed.
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    brakes building pressure after manual trans swap

    This is exactly why I sell and use braided clutch lines for manual swaps in b5.5 platforms. To install and route them, the master doesn't need to be removed saving lots of possibilities for additional complications as you're experiencing. It's literally a 30 second job. I'm in agreement...
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    Clutch options for BHW. 2005 passat tdi

    I'm sorry for the hassle Andrew, when dealing with outside vendors that are beyond my direct control (SBC and UPS in this case), crap occasionally happens and we're stuck in the middle :mad:. I'm just happy to hear it finally made it to you!
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    Crazy Diff Play

    I've rebuilt at least 6 or 8 transmissions with blown diff bearings. It's more common than you would think. If the play gets too bad, it will take out the ring and pinion as well from the mesh being so far off. At that point, a rebuild is not cost effective.
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    Anyone running water/meth injection

    While not a passat, I'm a dealer for Aquamist and put a system on my 335D. This dyno was with 700CC of 50/50 w/m, just added another nozzle for about 1100cc total, I can feel there's a definite power increase with the additional nozzle. W/m on vs off
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    Does the AHU have lower valve spring seats?

    It's not so much the dual springs require them, the spring seats simply keep any spring from wearing into the aluminum head over time. Every virgin head I've pulled apart to memory has them, they're usually covered in oil and stuck in the bottom of the spring pockets. If someone was missing...
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    Audi A4 3.0 TDI Turbo upgrade options

    Yeahhh, 840F-900F at wot is way cold even for post turbo Temps. My 335d hits 1200F post turbo at the end of a 1/4 mile run with 700cc of water meth spraying. Before anyone says that's the wrong place, that's where the factory stuck it, no preturbo oem sensor for whatever reason. Car is...
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    CP3 on a '14 done and running

    Bah, you got me on the typo, I meant cr190. The hole round vs square exhaust port thing.