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    Alternator replacement

    Got it changed thanks everyone , bumper didn’t have to come off .
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    Alternator replacement

    Having a hard time getting the top bolt into the replacement . Switched from valeo to Bosch , thought they was interchangeable.
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    Alternator replacement

    Videos on how to do it on the Passat ?
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    Alternator replacement

    Hmmm imma show him this thread , I just don’t think bumper removal is necessary .
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    Alternator replacement

    Is there a way to get the alternator out without taking off the front end ? All of the shops I normally use are booked , and I’m tired of driving my gas guzzler . Sadly I don’t have the tools or know how , my mobile mechanic says he has to take off the front end of the car (bumper/radiator etc)...
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    Found my replacement vehicle. Can I get it imported?

    A good 335d can be had for what your getting back from VW !!!! Got damn thing is a rocket
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Here are my options , they all have to be a diesel though . Older Mercedes with the om606 or 2.5 diesel . Mercedes e320 CDI Mercedes e320 Bluetec without def tank 2006-2009 Jetta TDI manual , preferably the 2.0 . 335d ������ 328d m sport package if...
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    Future maintenance expenses CKRA

    I'm debating as well , sound of no car payment sounds good . Although this is my dream car and I love it . It does have over 100k and I bought it used , I could see myself selling it and getting a used 2008-2010 Jetta TDI 6 speed .
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    Shock absorbers - Labor to replace

    This post made me smile , been eyeing that sway bar for a while .
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    Dieselgate: Volkswagen to Spend Up to $14.7 Billion to Settle ...

    Got dammit I gotta get a beater now , I don't want my miles to go up . I'm already at 103,XXX miles . I wouldn't mind a new 16 either , seems like that won't be happening anytime soon though with all of this .
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    My 2013 Passat Totaled in an Accident Last Month

    Those hid lights make a difference , I'm waiting to see what the newer passats have to offer . Curious on what's going to be done with this whole diesel gate scandal mess !!!! What made you choose the Hyundai ?
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    Anyone interested

    In a preowned 2011 golf tdi white 47k miles . Manual 2 door