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    Is the use of WVO or other alternate fuels legal?

    I was listening to the local news on the radio during the drive in the other day. There was a 30-sec blurb about the use of WVO (pros/cons/etc). Listening to it, most of it was something like "yeah, you can do it, but you need to be careful" or sumsuch. But the last 5 seconds a statement was...
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    Maryland to Become a CARB state

    I heard on the radio last night that Maryland passed the bill to become a CARB state, and that the govenor is going to sign it. Wonder what that will mean in terms of emission inspections and such?
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    Maryland decides to become a CARB state.

    I heard this on the radio driving home last night. Any of our Marylanders want to speculate what this will mean for TDI futures? inspections? etc?
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    CITGO stations to close around the US

    From the Washington Post 7/13/06: Venezuela-owned Citgo Petroleum has decided to stop distributing gasoline to some 1,800 independently owned stations in the United States after calls by President Hugo Chávez to discontinue contracts that benefit U.S. consumers more than Venezuelans. The Citgo...
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    TDI in Sterling,VA

    For anyone interested, I was poking through Lindsay VW's lot yesterday and spotted a '06 Jetta TDI manual in Ocean blue and tan interior. Couldn't read the sticker clearly (it was dark and it was lying sideways on the back seat) but the price was something like $22K.
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    Re: So I'm getting my t-belt replaced at 65k and......

    Re: So I\'m getting my t-belt replaced at 65k and...... Start your own thread. If you have an '02, you dont actually need to change it until 80Kmiles (manual) because the engine was upgraded in that year. However, I don't think the maintenance manuals were upgraded to show this. So you would...
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    A/C quit: Dealer response.

    Yes, I should have known better. So, my AC quits putting out cold air while driving down the road last week. So I take it to a local dealer to get this and some other recall-type things off the list. The service writer calls me and says: 1. the reason the drivers door won't reliably open is...
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    Daryl Hannah and Biodiesel

    Anybody notice Daryl Hannah on Conan O'Brian Tuesday night? Apparently she's into recycled veggie oil. She has an '83 El Camino with a diesel burning grease from the local fastfood places. She also has a solar house and is off the grid, paid for itself and is making money back selling power.
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    N. VA dealer Sighting

    For those in N. VA: there is a new VW dealership being built (Lindsey VW) on Route 28 approximately 1/2 mile south of Waxpool (mile south of the CarMax dealership).
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    New Hondas Catch On Fire.

    And you thought the 505.01 spec was bad! 27 Fires Linked To Oil Changes In Honda CR-V By Greg Schneider Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, July 9, 2004; Page A01 At least 27 Honda CR-V sport-utility vehicles from the 2003 and 2004 model years burst into flames shortly after getting...
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    Mercedes C-class diesel spotted

    Driving home tonight I passed a Mercedes C200 CDI wagon. Silver with black interior. It had dealer plates (not diplomat), so I assume a sales guy was driving it home. Beautiful car...
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    Power loss-no boost/noCEL/noSmoke

    While on a road trip over the weekend, I noticed that the cruise would not hold speed going up hills. 'Hmmm' I thought. Pertinent Info: 2001 Jetta 5-speed. 22k miles. > changed air filter and fuel filter last weekend. I was also messing around in the area of the EGR and antishudder valves...
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    Re: I think if you check the script (Javascript?, JSP's?) for building a reply post you will find that the 'Re:' string is prepended in the subject line with the originating Subject. Perhaps you can remove this. Secondly, could you disable the check box for 'I want to preview my post'?
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    Low Sulfur Diesel in VA?

    If it was not a brand new pump, then I bet it's a label from the last time the sulpher value was reduced, what, about 10 years ago.
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    Idle rpm & starter noise

    Bendix. the idle should be around 900-950RPM. The only time it is above that is when it is cold and the ECU ups the speed to let it run a little better. [ February 10, 2003, 13:15: Message edited by: weedeater ]