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    Sachs "quiet clutch" in a 5.5 BHW manual conversion?

    Don't know. Also don't understand your last comment about the drink. It wil or will not?
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    Sachs "quiet clutch" in a 5.5 BHW manual conversion?

    Good to hear PR. A friend of mine ordered that kit too but doesn't lkke the engagement when starting out, which surprised me. He is extremely picky though.
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    Sachs "quiet clutch" in a 5.5 BHW manual conversion?

    I recommend one of the following clutches if you are staying stock or stage 1 Valeo 52285615 1.9 TD SMF (Frans sells this) which is what ZZD mentioned above Lucas SKU: 02-028 | DMF039 228 mm DMF (Cascade German sells this) I have used both and are very smooth. I used the Lucas on my son's A4 B7...
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    D3 A8 TDI Swap - BHW 6spd -- finally registered!

    Also reach out to Frans at Dutch Auto Parts.he supplied a hybrid turbo for my BHW/Allroad project and I went to a Stage 3 tune.
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    Help select clutch BHW FHN

    FWIW, Whitebread has worked with Southbend to offer 3 clutch opens which will work directly with his flywheel. I would definitely go this route for a FWD gearbox. The weight of Matt's flywheel works great. He just updated his web page with the Southbend options last Monday. I noticed the pics...
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    BHW nightmare. Still stutters. Replaced soo much

    You are past the tipping point, but unfortunately you are not out of the woods yet on expected major expenses then.
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    BHW nightmare. Still stutters. Replaced soo much

    Is this a manual or automatic?
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    05 Passat 4 motion wagon BHW 01e swap issues

    FWIW, when I converted a 2004 Passat 4mo 5 speed wagon to TDI, I went with a 5 speed 4mo box from Europe and kept the ABS module. The 4mos that I have messed with didn't have ESP. I cleared all the lights and had it programmed correctly but could never get the cruise to work.
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    Have a range sensor too. Just let me know
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    B5 Passat TC failing Manual gearbox codes Finding cheap boxes from germany and portugal

    Cascade German has brand new FHN and EEN gearboxes in stock. Not as cheap as a used one, but no surpises from wear and tear. Aaron has also put together a conversion package as well.
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    I have one of each part #. PM me
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    FS: 2012 VW Tiguan TDI/DSG - Greenville, SC SOLD

    I know Euro TDI Tigs came with a 7 speed 4m0 DSG, fairly certain a 6 speed standard 4mo auto and of course a 6 speed 4mo manual. They all bolt up to the CJAA. The easiest as far as wiring and least expensive would be the manual. For auto, the easier wiring but more expensive option is the DSG...
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    FS: 2005 Passat TDI wagon PROJECT car - Greenville SC SOLD

    PM me your email or phone to text. Understand I am in SC.
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    Ongoing intermittent crank issue on my 2005 Passat.

    A few things. 1. What is your current torsion value? 2. You said you have voltage drop. Just had to replace the cable from Alternator to starter and starter to battery. Had random no turnover and no voltage getting to battery from alternator. This will not affect the long starts but could...