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    Stage 3 from AARoderiguez...

    51 miles from you :) Next Big Box run to Auburn, I can give you a ride.
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    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today?

    I converted to free trade, totally organic, hand pressed native virgin olive oil. Not only is it good for the environment and your soul, but it goes great on chicken too.... Just kidding! I finished the ESP button and auto headlights today. Other than operation CP3 and suspension, not much...
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    Same here. Manually calc'd (and SGII) 56.6 mpg to Boston and back yesterday... That included a few moments of spirited driving :)
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    2012 Jetta TDI threw a CEL today. HElp diagnose ! also solves those two errors for the intake. Use at your own risk and when in doubt leverage a qualified mechanic! The reason is most likely the intake flap failed.
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    Quick out west roadtrip!

    LMAO! Get a t-shirt for this guy! I could absolutely call in sick :) That trip does sound fun. I was unaware RT made it all the way to the pacific. I just learned something new! It sure makes the directions easy for me... Turn left on Rt. 2...... continue 3100 miles and you have reached...
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    Winter wheels

    Check Vortex as well as our for sale forum and throw a WTB: add up. Someone might have upgraded and have something for you. I run VW wheels (16" alloys) for winter and the fitment is good and they are durable. I've used aftermarket wheels before and the quality is varied as is the weight...
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    Quick out west roadtrip!

    I love all of that but it might be a stretch to get it all in... Although I am craving a x-mas covered enchiladas ;). I have a soft spot for New Mexico!
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    Quick out west roadtrip!

    Awesome John. I've ridden a lot of that on my bike and it's beautiful country! Glad you had a good ride home and thanks for the suggestion!
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    Quick out west roadtrip!

    So, I'm burnt out from my day job and I can carve out next week for a trip out west. I'm flying solo and have about 6 days to kill. any recommendations? I'm leaving from Maine. I just want to throw a dart, so this is equivalent!
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    my new golf tdi, towing my airstream

    Very impressive! We are looking for a T@G for next camping season. motivated after seeing all of these trailer pics!
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    2012 Jetta TDI threw a CEL today. HElp diagnose !

    I would check the VCDS locator in the 101 thread. that should show you who around you has the tool and can help.
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    TDIFest 2015

    I know right where you are talking! Beautiful lake. Yeah, the temps drop off quick this time of year. Glad we got a chance to venture up Mt. washington before she went sub-zero on us! Although, taking all of you guys ice fishing (I mean drinking) would have been a whole bunch of fun! :)...
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    So on the CP3 front. Now that we'll have all that fuel, who wants to work on a fun project to get a bigger turbo in place to take advantage of it?! :). I am thinking stock injectors are good for a longer pulse/quantity. Air becomes the next challenge (again)
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Welcome aboard and enjoy it! You'll love the car as many of us do!
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    TDIFest 2015

    Its a good wakeup call for what is around the corner :)