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    Report: Diesel Engine Coming to 2012 U.S. VW Beetle; Would You Buy One?

    has anyone seen photos of new gen beetle?
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    First Oil Change

    why spend the money on needless oil changes, last i looked all oil changes for the 2009 TDI are free,up to 30k. you just have to find a dealer with tech that knows how to do it right, just drive it !
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    Letter to Stefan Jacoby, CEO, Volkswagen Group of America

    yeh but the new motor was designed to run higher amounts of bio. but the vw was not, at this time.
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    Why are dealers so uninformed!?!?

    its all about trainning. and dedacation to the product, most salesman dont have a clue as what they are selling, it might as well lbe shoes they are trying to sell you. dealer owners dont want to spend the money on sales training as salesmen dont stay around for to long, its all about the...
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    So is 505.01 a waste of time in the BRM TDI's? I think it is.

    hears 1 2004 jetta tdi i have from new, used 50501 every 5k, i now have 89k miles of hard stop and go driving, never had 1 problem with car, cams look like new car drives like new!!!! OH and i work for a dealer! with all the correct oil in stock, and a staff that knows what tdi get what oil...
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    Jack Daniels Vw Fair Lawn Nj Used Wrong Oil In My 2009 Jetta Tdi

    you know what the problem is, is that service/parts managers have to watch their bottom lines for shop profit, i have seen some service managers get VW info tech bullitins and just toss them in the trash. and not pass the info along to shop tech , so now the tech (re lube man) just throws in the...
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    the weirdest thing you have ever found in an engine bay of any car you have worked on

    had a cust in a vanagon complaining that when he drives he smell a bbq smell, further check found cat roasting on cat converter, also had a bag of coke and a 38 revolver fall out from under dash, cust denied knowing about it (YEH RIGHT ! ) NO WE DIDNT KEEP THE COKE:D
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    VW unveils Scirocco GT TDI sports model

    Dont Give Up Yet!!!! We Just Might See This Car In 2011,
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    2009 "clean diesel" TDI on biodiesel?

    i have a 2004 tdi wagon from new, has 80k and have run correct oil and used ULSD , perf: every required service was done ,never had a single problem .
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    Burnin' down the house...

    hey pacific biodiesel just had a tank fire this weekend, no one was injured.
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    Burnin' down the house...

    darn and i was just about to start my own rocket fuel plant in my back yard:D
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    09 bypass

    theirs not much you can do to the 09s at this time , without causing damage to fuel and oil systems.
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    Can I/Should I use BioDiesel?

    you should start at b20 and do a few fuel filter changes as you increse your amount of biofuel, watch for inj. pump seal leaks if pump has old style seals, and be sure to use a good quality syntec oil every 5k most important, use a good quality fuel. good luck:cool: :)
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    California Bans Biodiesel Storage in Underground Tanks

    ignore the last post it was for something else sorry
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    California Bans Biodiesel Storage in Underground Tanks

    hawaiis good for warm year round weather, but dont even think about trying to start a bussness, our new stat moto is the