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    long downward mileage trend over 5 years and 120k. What to check?

    Did you periodically check timing with a VC? Between 150k and 200k my mileage also slipped several mpg, but I expect that a new TB and advancing my IP timing a bit will bring it back. I'm driving up to Seattle and back this weekend, so will know for sure by next week.
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    Results are in 3-4 MPG increase!

    Wow...almost a simulpost! ;) Reduced the adaptation to 33075 to get the advance down to 5 degree specified and actual, but the duty cycle is 69%. Is that bad?
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    Results are in 3-4 MPG increase!

    Well, that was interesting...I changed the adaptation from 32768 the full 500 points to 33268 and here's what I see in the timing boxes: Specified: 7.0 *BTDC Actual: 7.0 *BTDC Duty cycle: 74.9% Took it out for a short spin and the car seemed peppier than it has been in years, but I'm going...
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    Results are in 3-4 MPG increase!

    I'm trying to set it up to be 5 degrees advanced.
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    Results are in 3-4 MPG increase!

    Okay, so I did the TB change last weekend, and to time the IP I followed this procedure in the FAQ (since I don't have a factory service manual): Section 7. K. of the TDIFAQ's: If you don't have the factory service manual, select "Measuring Blocks", and go to group 4. Do NOT use "basic...
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    Results are in 3-4 MPG increase!

    Same here. I posted under my old name (lost my password) back on the first page (post #14), and have been keeping tabs on this thread ever since. :D
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    Highest mileage ALH with Original TB

    A couple of doors down from my non-automotive business is an independent auto repair and service business. This past winter they had an '01 Jetta TDi in for "general loss of power and fuel economy" and a slipping clutch with 317k on the clock. It ran fine, but generally lacked power. The owner...
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    Audi R10, the new V12 TDI competitor at Le Mans!

    Did anyone snag the video of the car on track? I have been clicking on that link for a couple of days and it appears dead. TIA! :)
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    Audi R10, the new V12 TDI competitor at Le Mans!

    The video links appear dead...anybody have a link to the on-track video? TIA, Stan
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    Video: Turbo Golf III - 580hp Red Devil

    Wow, what an impressive car! :D Several things jumped out at me. First, I didn't see any smoke from the engine at any time. Impressive for a claimed 580 hp! :) Second, the tires kept breaking loose at high RPMs, which tells me that he's using a big turbo that comes on strongly at higher RPMs...
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    Has anyone seen a Golf or Jetta TDI pull this?

    Re: Has anyone seen a Golf or Jetta TDI pull this Great thread! I can't tell you how many VWs and Seats I've seen towing smaller trailers while driving aroung Europe, and it's good to see that habit emerging on this side of the pond. I've towed a 9000+ race car trailer for years, and always...
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    Sniping service recommendations for eBay etc.?

    I've had good luck with
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    Increasing Redline

    Any TD can have its rev limit raised by shimming the governor spring and increasing the max fueling screw setting, while it takes hacking the ECU to get there with a TDI. FWIW, I too have been waiting for someone to announce how to do it...
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    Does this fuel mileage make sense???

    Absolutely! I have gotten 63 mpg by slowing down to 55 mph (88 kph) on long drives (vented and carefully filled), and my wife got 72 mpg from south of Seattle to Dunnigan, CA by going 55 on the flat and 50 uphill. Rock on!
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    Wife wants her '02 Golf TDI's suspension upgraded

    Re: Wife wants her \'02 Golf TDI\'s suspension upgra Talking with her some more (yeah I know, guys sometimes do that... ), it seems that her biggest complaint is that the car simply has too much body roll. The shocks are original so I am confident they're more than due for replacement, but both...