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    Wheels for sale
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    Golf steel wheels

    Winter will be here before you know it. Save your nice alloys and use these 15" steel wheels in the bad weather. I'm willing to meet up with a serious buyer.
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    Golf steel wheels

    I have a set of MK 5-6 and 7 Golf/Jetta 15" wheels to sell. Nice condition and have tires mounted. Have used these as my winter wheels for the past 3 years. Local pick up in Northern Illinois.
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    Detailing on my Passat

    If you are going to have the passat detail shop. Or better yet learn how to do a detail, it's great relaxation, for some of us.
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    NY to MS | Audi A6

    ^^^ right. Driver ED. what a joke in this country. TDI cars are great highway machines. As we all know. Nice wright-up.
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    Tdi return to us market

    Kicking myself for not buying a 2015 TDI Golf when I had the chance. The one that I looked at is still at the dealer. Hope that this mess is cleared up on 21 June.
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    NHTSA Update on CR HPFP failure investigation

    AMEN to that. ;)
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    2016 Revised Maintenance Flyer

    Same as I do. Good practice. Best to stay away from dealer except for warranty work.
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    Added another ALH to the family

    Very nice find love Golfs and silver looks good. Congratulations.
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    Should I do it!

    Congratulations. Follow your dream. I regret selling my Golf TDI every day. Just can't beat the torque and MPG of the TDI also the sweet sound. ;)
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    Light bulb trouble.

    May be that they all have been in use for the same time. Sounds strange but...
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    Received goodwill on used tdi

    I hope that the OP is happy, with the ill gotten moneys. Nothing good will come of it in the long run. Two wrongs never make a right. Almost feels like you stole a bit from every Volkswagen owner.
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    2015 Golf TDI - Should I or shouldn't I?

    TALYN, If I were you I'd buy it, as long as it has been serviced with the correct oil and had not been abused (MODDED). I had a chance to buy a new 2015 before this emissions B.S. Bought a gasser instead now I regret it. The 1.8T is nice and a 2 door, but nothing like a TDI. Go for it.
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    Golf VI 2.5 maintenance findings: gunk on coil packs, grey gas in fuel filter?

    I hope it's not the case but the reddish film may be coolant. May be a head gasket leak. Not sure about the fuel filter.
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    My name explanation

    Well put, IMO the complexity of the H-B is also a concern ? But the last few years the TDI has gone from a DIY auto to very complex as have gassers.