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    VW says AWD SportWagen coming in 2016

    Car and Driver first drive of US Spec 2015 Golf Sportwagen I am also hoping for a manual, awd and TDI wagon!
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    09 Jetta Sportwagen TDI manual 63k miles Vermont

    Sold Locally
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    2009 Jetta Sportwagen TDI 6-spd for sale - low mi's

    I bought this car from ‘doginthedark’ 8/14/14 with assistance from his family, we had a smooth transaction. He was responsive and the car was as described in the post. I look forward to many happy miles in the car and I am glad to have a TDI again.
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    FS: VW Jetta Sedan Trailer Hitch 99.5-2005 Hidden Hitch

    I belive its sold to 'NoPlug'. Sorry it only fits the Jetta Sedan. Wagon and Golf have different rear ends and hitchs to match. Jamie
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    FS: ALH TDI Turbo VNT 15 (VT)

    Yeah turbo is at work. Sorry for confusion. Jamie
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    FS: ALH TDI Turbo VNT 15 (VT)

    I don't believe it does, but I can verify for you Monday when I get back to work, where i have the turbo stored. Jamie
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    FS: ALH TDI Turbo VNT 15 (VT)

    Still available!
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    FS: ALH TDI Turbo VNT 15 (VT)

    yeah turbo is still available. I am out of town until Tuesday, so I couldn't ship it until then. Jamie