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    2010 JSW fuel door release

    The fuel filler door on my JSW wouldn't open so I pried it open with a bike tire tool - thanks, internet helpers! :) When I was 'investigating the problem' I rotated the T-shaped locking tab (the part that rotates with the actuator??) and heard a 'snap' sound. Left it oriented in the 'unlock'...
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    Has Anybody Had a Problem-Free Pano Sunroof Experience?

    Thanks for that info. I had to look up 'recalibrate' after I replaced the battery. Sunroof wouldn't close -it got within an inch of being closed, then opened again. Rainstorm was predicted, so I was highly motivated. Apparently it has to do with 'recalibrating' the finger pinching safety...
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    DSG Tune Question

    I don't like the DSG in my 2012 JSW very much, but I'm also worried about giving VW any excuse not to honour the emissions warranty. Also, it's one thing to 'brick' a cheap phone, but I don't want to do it to a $$ (many k) transmission! :) I'm thinking about having the DSG service done, even...
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    Has Anybody Had a Problem-Free Pano Sunroof Experience?

    I've searched but can't find info on "VW sunroof maintenance position". What's that? Thanks!
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    DSG- Is this normal or does the DSG need service/repair?

    I bought a 2012 Golf Wagon TDI (aka JSW) a couple of months ago. Low mileage (42 k km). It's my first experience with DSG. All my VWs have been manual shift, but I've driven my wife's gas Golf with the TIP auto a lot. The DSG is like having my car shifted by not very skillful manual transmission...
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics/Shops in the Vancouver (GVRD) Area

    Another vote from me for Neil and the crew at Ellice. I've been taking my '97 Golf TD to them for 20 yrs, and they will be working on my 'new' 2012 Golf Wagon TDI as well. I had them change the springs to raise the wagon, last week.
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    interior leak from sunroof drains

    I'd be worried if anybody else tried to operate the sunroof. Would it burn out the motor or????
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    Drivers side floor soaked! Help!

    Search on "VW sunroof drain problem" and you will find lots of info-online text and pics and Youtube videos.. The drain system isn't waterproof - it works OK if everything is flowing freely (think of hoses running into funnels) but once it gets plugged and backs up, the water leaks into the...
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    Regen light wont go away

    If the diesel fix has been done on your car, the 'fix warranty' might cover some or all of those problems ??
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    interior leak from sunroof drains

    On my wagon, the rear drains empty into the space between the body and the wheel well liner. So you'll need to take off the wheels and free up the liner to get at the drain. You can see the water dripping out of the wheel well when you pour water into the channel around the outer edge of the...
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    interior leak from sunroof drains

    Thanks! That's next on my 'car list'. I've got a cheap wiper puller. Any other tricks or tools needed?
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    interior leak from sunroof drains

    I've fixed the rear drains on my JSW; I haven't investigated the fronts yet. Seems like it's a common problem; a search will turn up lots of info. The drain tube connections aren't waterproof, so if there is any blockage (dirt) the drain will back up and leak. Here's a diagram of the drain tube...
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    One fob toots horn, the other doesn't...

    Thanks! I didn't realize that the 'ATA confirm' in the MFD had a check in the box for one fob but not the other. Problem solved! "Not a bug, a feature" and RTFM ! :) Never too old to learn- as long as I have the internet to help!
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    LED Headlight Bulb Install

    I'm looking forward to your posts and pictures. Thanks!
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    LED Headlight Bulb Install

    Sorry- I didn't read your question carefully. I guess the LEDs don't just plug into the existing connectors? That definitely adds a new level of difficulty. After doing some research, I decided that LEDs weren't a good idea for my 2012 headlights. I see too many cars locally with bright...