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    Ac diagnostic question

    blend door... Repair blend door is a STICKY in this sectin of TDIclub...
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    Whats the difference between 1-2 and 3-4 pistons ALH block

    It's all about the valve pockets on the head of the piston. Intake valve is bigger than the exhaust valve and their orientation is reversed from #1#2 to #3#4. from: link btw: Artie is still waiting on a reply....😄
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    Anyone replace a beetle door?

    I would surmise that you could get a hinge complete with a new door at a pick n pull, or maybe someone is parting one out. Then you worst issue is, the paint doesn't exactly match, or swapping inner panels for color.. please let us know... "oh, Dr Bartolo, that will be no biggie, you got this!"
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    OMI meaning in Car-part listing

    o1m maybe? That is the VW code for the O1M 4 speed automatic transmission in the mk4's?(among other VW's also)
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    Which power steering fluid to use

    what about prestone European Formula? Yay/nay?
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    BEW loud squeak HELP

    I noticed the squeal happens when the engine loads up. Although I see you've replaced the vacuum line and check valve, I would consider plausible explanations... That almost sounds like a check valve getting overpowered by pressure, and then causing vacuum mayhem by distorting the reed/valve...
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    My TDI got hit last weekend, and I need help

    It's a total loss. Unfortunately, 10k is not going to be reimbursed. They compensate you for a comparable replacement. Also, consider the buyback, as you said, it looks horrible, but the damage is 'cosmetic', and the frame is 'straight'. $5000 is a fair offer for a 250k 20yo car, but you...
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    Indicator/WARNING lamps 101

    What do all those funny lights in the dash tell us? Are they important? Hope this helps... OK, I'll see myself out....
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    Help, AHU injection timing issue

    Timing is off scale HIGH, if you only see a yellow line.... When i was fine-tuning my 99.5 Jetta couple months back after a new TB/Wp install, I could adjust the IP off scale HIGH, to off scale LOW, adjusting only the IP.(and even bumping IP without seeing it move the sprocket AT ALL) If you...
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    how many miles have you racked up on your TDI?

    84k on my 1999.5 Jetta
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Just changed the oil today on the 1999.5, with a new filter, 2 new O-rings, and topped off the windshield washer fluid... Mobil Del-vac 1 5w-40, Mann Filter, RainX 0°F washer fluid
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    Mk4 Jetta needs a good TDi mechanic in Tampa

    DrG, You don't re-time the pump to replace the two seals, and the pump head oring. (pump remains on the car!!) I was DEATHLY afraid to re-seal mine, but looking back, it was EASY. There is a 'gimmick' to re-aligning the cap cover, but it's pretty straightfoward, and IF you read and...
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    Mk4 Jetta needs a good TDi mechanic in Tampa

    I resealed my own pump, using the guides here for $16.(2 seals, 1 oring) an about two hours time. (had to buy the Triangle socket, for $20) Also, if pump IS leaking you will both see and smell it, strongly. I don't think leaking fuel will instantly foul a second hose, I would suspect when hose...
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    Can lock either IP, or cam....not both.

    Perfect, simple explanation. This.