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    Hybrids suck!! Where to get stickers??

    It's the mentality of the hybrid owners ive met. Plus...they arent as good for the environment as they would like to belive. I'm sure you've read about the damage caused by the making of the batteries.
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    Hybrids suck!! Where to get stickers??

    thanks alot!! :)
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    Hybrids suck!! Where to get stickers??

    I'm looking for a F&$K Hybrids sticker or Hybrids suck sticker. Does anyone know Where i can order on online?
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    Any mk5s going to TDIFEST? Show & Shine

    Just wondering who i have to compete against in the show and shine! ;)
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    Beer Swap Social

    De quoi tu parle toi?
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    What Do I Have

    Man..i still cant get more than 800kms on a tank. Congrats on the new car...I've never seen a TDI here in QC with red TDI badges from the factory. Maybe a dealer installed option.
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    Unitronic disappointment (Xpost )

    I would go for a short drive with you. I'm running Unitronic as well. Car is 100% stock except for the chip.
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    Unitronic COMPLETE Disappointment

    Even if i had to wait a month to get my unitronic would have been worth the wait. Congrats...and enjoy.
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    KEY FOB Won't Open Doors/Trunk (Intermittent)

    I had the same replaced the battery..all is fine.
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    Will 17" wheels effect mpg?

    My 19" with 225 width and 42psi did not affect economy enough for me to notice. If you care how your car looks get bigger wheels...these cars look funny on the stockers.
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    50+ MPG!?!?! 2005.5 Owners YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

    I'm averaging 750-850kms per tank. Nothing too impressive but at least diesel is cheaper then gas and THANK GOD i didnt but the 2,5 rabbit.
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    New wheels and suspension

    I'm 28 and it looks fine to me! ;) Euro style. I take alot of car when parking. Belive me. :cool:
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    New wheels and suspension

    A couple new pics.
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    Switch over from winter to Summer diesel

    When do northern gas stations switch over from Winter diesel to summer diesel? I'm waiting for the switchover so I can possibly see tanks that get over 750-800kms. My mialage hasnt gotten any better lately so i guess the switchover hasnt happened yet in montreal.
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    what did you pay (not including tax title etc) for your 06.5 Jetta

    26400$ Canadian. Base 06.5 (09/06 build) white jetta. With ESP and Extra airbags. 48 month lease 0$ down 25 000kms per year 370$ tax in per month.