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    New 2014 Cars

    "The Mazda will be the first Asian diesel to be sold in the U.S." Guess they forgot about the Toyota and Isuzu pickups in the 70's. A family member had one of the Toyotas - gutless and it smoked bad. But that engine was still running when the rest of the truck rusted out around it. Bill
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    Modified 2013 VW Jetta Hybrid Sets New Speed Record for Hybrids at Bonneville Salt Fl

    I was there that day on the Salt Flats. Saw the car, but not the run. The salt was perfect - a good solid crust with no dust (thanks to a rain that occurred about half way through the week). Bill
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    12 A3 TDI vs 12 Jetta TDI MPG

    Very close to where I'm at. Ave 37.4 @ 3,000 miles and trending up. Bill
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    AHF engine timing belt intervals

    Hmmm.... according to the guys over at the timing belt is replaced at 80,000 km. But, you may want to go with the 60,000 km number to be on the safe side. Bill
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    GLK 250 Bluetec: Mercedes' 4-cylinder has arrived!

    "...the worthy 250 CDI BlueTEC we tested managed to average a verifiable 44.4 mpg for us over a very mountainous loop when driven quite sensibly." That mpg figure looks high. Are they basing it on an imperial gallon? If so, it's 20% higher than a U.S. gallon. Bill
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    New to "me" 2012 Sportback TDI

    Welcome, skramer. She's a beauty. I had a black car once, so I know the work involved in maintaining the finish on a dark car. Our Winters here are hell on 'em. Bill
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    Is there a diesel fuel test you can do at the pump?

    If you do a test at home (as I did) you'll find you can detect the smell of gas when it's mixed with diesel. I always do a quick sniff test of the nozzle before I put the fuel in - looks silly, but oh well. Bill
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    Correction: Max torque is between 1750 to 2500 rpm. Bill
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    Study: 1 in 10 US Vehicles To Be Diesels by 2015

    Not gonna happen by 2015. Another over-optimistic assumption by people who love diesels. Don't get me wrong, I love 'em too and want to see many more car models with that option. But, a great majority of Americans are just not interested. Bill
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    Ford Fiesta Diesel Panel Van

    Ford needs to offer the Transit Connect in the U.S. with the 1.8 diesel like they have in Europe. Bill
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    When will the new A3 be released in North America?

    Welcome to the forum. A good question. Press releases have been vague - using terms like the new A3 will arrive "this Summer" and "later this year." After dealing with VW delays on recent model releases, I'm skeptical we'll see timely movement on this issue. Case in point - press releases...
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    02 jetta engine cleaning

    How many threads are you starting on this same topic? Bill
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    Old (but new) Motor Oil test results

    A good find and interesting reading. Bill
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    Buy through local dealer or dealer with the car?

    I must admit I'm not loyal to my local dealer. Simply put, if he offers me the best deal I'm there. If not, I go elsewhere. Bill