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    Audi VW XM Receiver P/N 8E0035593E

    Audi/Volkswagen 8E0035593E XM satellite receiver. 100% functional when removed from the car on 31 Jan 2015. The only reason I removed was to put in the Sirius module. The first $60 takes it and includes shipping with tracking #. Email me for info (
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    Radio Circuit Grounded (Blowing Fuses)

    Found the ground after some searching. Power wire to the XM module in trunk was pinched between a bolt and the module itself. God knows how long it has been like that.
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    Radio Circuit Grounded (Blowing Fuses)

    Thanks! I'm on travel now and hope to jump back into the issue this weekend.
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    Radio Circuit Grounded (Blowing Fuses)

    Looking for some assistance! I recently had my battery go dead on my '06 Jetta and I jumped it with no issues. Since then, the 15A radio fuse (F8 under the hood) is blowing and a meter shows that there is a ground somewhere past the fuse. I've pulled the radio out and the ground still remains...
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    Need help finding a rear bumper part!

    Hoping someone can help me out. I ram in search of what I think is the rear bumper diffuser for my '06 Jetta TDI. It is part # 8 here: