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    Fix for '12-'14 manual, 6sp, passats??!?!

    I agree with the above but one of the reason's why i'm considering replacing our 2013 6MT Passat with a 2015 is the 10 Year Warranty on 2015's. I'm starting to look at our options (Passat or Jetta Wagon). There seems to be a good amount of 2015's with less than 50Kmiles available in Canada. I...
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    Fix for '12-'14 manual, 6sp, passats??!?!
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    Gen 2 Fix Approved
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    Something is draining my battery
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    NOX sensor replacement

    Our def line was not clipped back correctly after the adblue tank was dropped to replace the failed adblue heater. The line was actually melted. Escalated to the issue to the service manager and the line was replaced at no cost to us.
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    ** HELP** Wiring diagram needed for steering controls

    You can use and get a 1 day subscription, then download all the manuals for all the cars you want.
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    Fix for '12-'14 manual, 6sp, passats??!?!

    VW said they were going to resubmit with 90 days. That puts the resubmission in the middle of December. Then epa/carb are going to evaluate the fix. I think they also have a 90 day deadline. That pushes it back to the middle of March. Lets not forget that the 1st test car passed, the second on...
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    NOX sensor replacement

    Have you tried cleaning it?
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    lol addblu

    not even a fix, dpf delete +tune and pocket some $?
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    lol addblu

    pre fix or post fix?
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    RNS510 replacement. Looking for latest info.

    Looking for more info and how to disable component protection on the 5C0035684A
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    Check engine code P20B7

    The faults would come and go. I finally got the car to the dealer B with the fault on. It seems that the adblu line which includes a heater element was not clipped properly to the line. It seems that it melted. This might have been caused when the adblu heater was replaced last year at dealer...
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    Gen 2 Fix Approved

    ----- September 8, 2017 Dear Dealer Partners, I wanted to let you know the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) have determined to disapprove our initial proposed emissions modification for approximately 7,100 Generation Two 2.0L TDI Model Year...
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    Appears to be a Fix for Gen 1 cars! Gen 2-3 are Software.

    Ok so, they committed to having the fix in by Thursday, December 7, 2017 What is the EPA/CARB turn around time? If it's 90 days then that pushes it to Wednesday, March 7, 2018.