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    Daily commute - Removing Traffic waves

    Your location may say something. Last November I drove from Boston to Toronto. Once I past into Canada I felt that something was wrong. Took me about ten miles - All the cars off the road. When I arived in Toronto, it was explained to me that the accident rates were so high on the QEW...
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    Lubing of wheel bolts?

    My problem was the Wheel to the Axel. The mating surface should be "lubricated" as well as the lug, or you will not get the wheel off the axel. Took 2 1/2 hours for AAA to drive across town.
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    Solution to My Wagon's Dirty A$$

    I have been looking for something like this wing for some time now. It was hinted to me that if you can reduce the turbulance behind a vehicle, you can increase the MPG. I have not wanted to punch holes for mounting, but after 140K, it should not make much difference. Have a brother who had...
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    coolant sensor

    I have been having problems with the Temp gauge. Reads 190 or 0 with the engine Hot. But now and then it will read something in between for a good long trip. (Boston to Albany NY) Guess the gauge is cheap just to change it. Just thinking of a way to check the sender such as tapping near...
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    Economy question

    Waiting for a train, is it better to shut of the engine, or put it into Neutral with an Automatic?
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    Runaway... how to stop it

    I have had my Old Rabbit run away on a very HOT day. I had a manual. I stood on the Breaks and stalled it. The TDI has a fuel switch on the pump. Can't that be used to cut the Fuel supply?
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    TDI Turbo is bad at only 83k miles? How can this be?

    Just for fun. What is the condtion of the skid plate? I am looking at a turbo that is sticking. It is starting to respond to Penatrating oil. between the sticking Turbo and bad GP connectors, and the Road salt in Boston, it would seem that a bottom cover in good shape is needed.
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    VNT Repair Procedure

    I have also been having this Over Boost. For the past several weeks I have been putting penatrating oil on the thing. It is starting to free up. It took three years and 100k miles to get stuck. Now that I am starting to drive a little more aggresively I should be able to keep it freed up...
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    Question in understanding boost spikes

    Dumb question, but will change the numbers. When talking Boost is it Absolute or Relative? I am using a CarChip that give me Absolute Manifold Pressure, so I see 15 lbs at idle, which spikes up to 35 lbs from there. Would you call this 35 - 15 = 20 lbs of Boost? I am spraying with...
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    Glow plug harness, declaration of victory !!

    I have 120 K miles and have started to get codes. Having had a Rabbit, I was thinking of threading the glow plug and using a ring crimp on. I got so far as threading an old GP, but did not like the threads that I was able to make, and thought that the nuts were too easy to strip off. The...
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    Glow Plugs Flashing

    Same thing here on the 4h of July. Found the glass on both break lights was smashed. VW got all upset with me, I am not a mechanic. Has to have the problem check on there $400 computer. O Yes the car is SAFE to drive. Through the Big Dig? Check the Break lights. VW does a bulb...
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    Does driving a TDI really save any money??

    Depends on how you do the math? Three weeks ago at a station Diesel was the highest priced. Now Diesel has dropped to the lowest priced. I was in the UK once where the cost of maintaining a car was being discussed. They were going so far as to include the price of the notebook and pencil in...
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    Need some help diagnosing low power/boost problem

    Why not put the MAF back in, or was it a test? Toronto? The Don Valley, How about that Don Valley VW? So you are becoming a DIY type also? Check Engine Light on? I have the same problem. Have been puting light oil on the Vaccum linkage, seems to have helped, but not fixed it so far.
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    Best stations to fill up at

    I would keep one eye on the guage. Some place between Toronto and Huron I stopped at a service plaza. No Diesel, Zipp. Dropped my speed to 65 MPH, and made it. Long time ago I used a few gallons of Purple, I got from a Tractor dealer. I look for volume in sales. Don't run dry, it is...
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    Sparse, yet annoying, interior chrome 05

    You noticed this also. I have done some long Night driving and the Dash lights I find blinding, and the High Beam indicator... I finally just put black electical tape over it. I would much rather see what is in the road. I sort of know how fast I am driving. Again, I don't want to mess...