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  1. 01M to 02J

    01M to 02J

    Transmission swap
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    2001 Beetle for sale in Denver

    I do, but I am looking at possibly trading it in tomorrow. I won't get much for it, so I can hold off if you are serious. PM me.
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    2001 Beetle for sale in Denver

    The Ebay listing is now expired, I got no bids even at $1500 minimum bid. Even if one considers this Beetle as a parts car, it is easily worth that with all the goodies installed, IMHO. Aluminum skid plate, automatic IP, O2J 5 speed, good engine, new suspension brakes and tires. In the next...
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    2001 Beetle for sale in Denver

    Ending tomorrow.
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    2001 Beetle for sale in Denver

    Listed on eBay
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    2001 Beetle for sale in Denver

    Need to sell my little commuter to get a truck (diesel of course). It has 196k miles and a 5 speed conversion (details on big swap thread). It runs well but needs some work; it is ready to go another 100k miles with a timing belt and water pump (water pump is leaking). I've listed it for...
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    2001 Beetle in Denver - selling advice?

    I will post some pictures later, and if anyone wants to see it in person, I'd be happy to show it. I just don't know what the selling price is before and after having the timing belt and water pump replaced...
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    2001 Beetle in Denver - selling advice?

    I need to sell my 2001 Beetle TDI, but it needs some work. It is due for timing belt and the water pump is leaking, so I have stopped driving it. It has 196k miles, was originally an automatic, now it has the 02J 5 speed. Anuthee in Golden did the timing belt at 100k, and retuned the ECU for...
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    replace turn signal flasher relay?

    My turn signals stopped working in my 2001 Beetle. Thanks to this thread, it sounded like my hazard switch was suspect, so I looked for a used one at my local U-pull-it. All 3 Beetles were already scavenged, so I grabbed a hazard switch from a 2003 Passat knowing the cover was different, but...
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    ALH Turbo Delete: Daily Driving a Naturally Aspirated 2001 Golf

    Perhaps quicker in the first 500ms until the VNT turbo spikes. That's typically the driver's reaction time off the line, so practically speaking NA will not be quicker, even to the 60' mark.
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    Diesel Fuel Additives - What are you using?

    White Power Service for lubricity and gel protection all year round since I stopped using biodiesel.
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    Scanguage II set up on ALH TDI

    Adjust the "Speed" setting in the SG to calibrate the miles measured. A little confusing.
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    Air to water cooler.... why don't i see a lot?

    I think, bottom line, a/w/a can be done, but it's more difficult to implement for the same results as an air/air. The only advantages are intake air flow is simplified, and heat exchange to a lower temperature than ambient if one uses ice. But that again depends on faithful implementation...
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    Scanguage II set up on ALH TDI

    Make sure the miles recorded by the SG match your odometer, or actual miles if your odometer is not accurate.