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    Touareg fuel economy

    2013 TDI gets 29 mpg at 80 mph, and 31 mpg at 70 mph or less. Malone tuned stage 2, TCM tuned back to pre dieselgate fix . DPF deleted, off road only😉
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    So Who Has The Most Miles?

    210k and going up , going till she tanks with start up rattle since I own it 60 k ago.
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    Is a VNT-17 Not a good match for ALH?

    I have a VNT 17 , RC tuned stage 3, it boosts later than VNT 15 does, but pulls like a trooper! It is my understanding and experience they spool later…. So I rev shift higher rpms and she goes!
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    New PP 520s, VNT 17, g60 clutch, putting in map 3bar sensor, What Tune.

    Got my pp 520s shimmed and balanced by frank o6, installed them myself, and WOW! I gained 8to 10 mpg, nice clean power, I don’t think I’ll bother changing my map sensor to map 3 after all, and leave my RC 3 alone?
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    how many miles have you racked up on your TDI?

    305789 miles on a 2001 Jetta, just replaced injector nozzels to pp520‘s shimmed runs perfect 60 mpg
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    Is Rocketchip still around? Need tune 11mm/VNT17

    If that is true I’m very sorry for him as well, I’ve been trying to get him for the same need.
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    What can be done to increase fuel economy?

    1. Make sure your engine breathes well EGR deleted, and run diesel purge. ( change your nozzles for sprint 520s and get RC stage 2 2. Right foot mod ( keep your foot trained to do hyper mileing tech) 3. Buy the best diesel, not the cheapest. 4. Cat deletes ( your choice) 5. Don't run A/C crack...
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    TDI 3.0 - timing chain tensioner covered under extended warranty?

    Still rattling away on start up.... 210k and long past warranty days..... if the day ever comes she grenades itself I'll chime in. Till then ,start, rattle, quietly drive away , 12 grand fix ???? Not gonna happen here. Happy motoring!
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    New PP 520s, VNT 17, g60 clutch, putting in map 3bar sensor, What Tune.

    Thanks ... waiting for my new Injector nozzles.... then I want to install the map sensor. By the way, do you know where its located on an ALH, and the best way to access it?
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    New PP 520s, VNT 17, g60 clutch, putting in map 3bar sensor, What Tune.

    Yeah. I really need to get ahold of Jeff.... I just can't get him to pick up his phone...he a busy one man tuner! He's worth getting, I'll keep trying. Wouldn't mind a stage 4! So... am I safe doing the bar 3 map till then? What actually is the perimeters of the Vnt 17? Thanks.
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    Alh won't start after installing new injectors

    It would be interesting to know how this ended
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    New PP 520s, VNT 17, g60 clutch, putting in map 3bar sensor, What Tune.

    So, I’m finally spending a few more bucks , and want a little more fun! My new injector nozzles will be back to me next week, and once they are in, my 3bar map goes in next. I do have a 2 1/2 inch stainless exhaust including larger down pipe so I’m hoping egts will behave . My g60 clutch has...
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    Build my ALH advise needed

    Thanks, have a great day!
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    Build my ALH advise needed

    2001 Jetta TDI, 300k on clock. Upgraded clutch, RC stage 3, vnt 17 turbo, 3 inch deleted exhaust, egr deleted. It's time to replace my sprint 520 injector nozzles ( I plan to replace them with PP 520's) Where is a good place to buy them pop tested/shimmed? Would a map 3 bar be a good idea...