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    2015 Oil Temp

    I've seen nearly 230F on our 2015 SEL driving rapidly mid-regen. Run the right oil (5W30 507.00 spec), keep your coolant properly maintained, and never worry about oil temp. TurboDieselPoint
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    1st gear hum

    I know exactly what you are hearing. My car did it three years ago when it was new, and made the same faint sound the entire time I had it until I sold it back not long ago. It is the sound of the input shaft of the transmission spinning and is just normal function of the transmission. The...
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    Searching erWin for 2014 Passat TDI (NMS) Engine Service Manual

    Thanks for the response, mishkaya. I agree, erWin is not very user friendly. I discovered what my problem was. In order to find the repair manuals for the CKRA/NMS, I had to search for documents for the A32 chassis Passat, NOT the NMS. This is an error in their system. Hopefully this will...
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    Searching erWin for 2014 Passat TDI (NMS) Engine Service Manual

    Hello All, I am considering purchasing a subscription to erWin if I would be able to download the engine service manual for my 2014 Passat TDI (NMS) so I can learn about the coolant flushing process and oil cooler replacement. However, after searching on erWin, it seems no such thing is...
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    Measuring oil temperature and level via VCDS

    I made an interesting discovery in VCDS today: Apparently, we can monitor oil temperature and level in the CKRA. Under the Control Module 01-Engine and Advanced Measurements, I found this option along with oil level. Maybe this is news only to me; I could have sworn the CKRA did not have an...
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    Strange coolant temperatures post-flush

    Hi all, As some of you might have seen in my previous thread, my car's original heater core coolant passages blocked up (cold air out of passenger side) and my core was replaced per VW's TSB. Days after getting my car back with the new core, I noticed there was still a lot of contamination in...
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    Rusty Sediment in Coolant Problems

    Hello folks. Wow. It has been forever since the last time I have posted. I've still been reading on and off (it's good to see many of the familiar faces still here:)), but haven't posted since for the most part things have been smooth sailing for my car, until recently. After 3 years and...
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    Power Steering Leak

    The TDI's have a completely different electric steering rack, so you are probably asking the wrong crowd here. You might want to ask the Passat section at VWvortex. Good luck!:)
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    Air conditioning condenser failure

    The evaporator is the heat exchanger which resides inside the car and removes heat and humidity from the air. It is the element from which water drips. The condenser, which failed on the OP's car, sits in front of the radiator. I'm not sure how an evaporator which retains water could be...
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    Quick Question: Fuel level recommended for alignment?

    Since it's the factory alignment, they probably just dispense only 9 liters into the tank for its first fill.
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    Quick Question: Fuel level recommended for alignment?

    Ok, easy enough. Half tank it is. Thanks guys.
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    Quick Question: Fuel level recommended for alignment?

    Hi all, Since I will be getting my 2014 Passat TDI SE aligned soon, I want to know how much fuel VW recommends I have in my car for a correct alignment. I ask this because I know the weight of the fuel in the vehicle can affect the suspension's position during the alignment, and I want to make...
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    Metallic clunk/crack/pop from front end when turning steering wheel.

    Hello all, I have encountered my first issue with my 2014 Passat TDI SE. Over the past month my Passat with almost 17K miles has developed a metal-on-metal sounding clunk/crack/pop audible from outside the vehicle. I hear it when I turn sharply at very low speed, such as when I am pulling...
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    Tailpipe soot

    Mine has done exactly what you describe for as long as I've had it. I picked up on the grey "soot" very early on and kept an eye on it, only to find that it hasn't worsened over time. Initially, I, too, was concerned about a leaky DPF that might eventually cause a CEL, but I've since concluded...
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    Air Filter Replacement Interval

    Thanks for the responses! It sounds like I was underestimating this filter's capacity, and that it should be large enough to last 60K miles or 6 years even in my dusty situation. I will simply leave it alone until it requires replacement per VW's schedule unless issues (CELs) crop up before...