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    FS 2013 Audi Q7 TDI

    Really nice car GLWS
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    $38K Mk7 TDI

    If I wanted this car really bad, it's maybe worth about 1/2 what they are asking. New GTI is a better value.
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    The Light truck market

    My B5,5 wagon with 310k is still my daily driver. I wanted another vehicle with a bit more utility with efficiency and a nice ride. I elected for a used 2020 Honda Ridgeline. On a recent trip to Naples from mid MO and back I averaged 25mpg on RUG, driving 75-85+. Modern diesel options are too...
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    Newbie....Just bought a 2005 Passat TDI GLS

    Flush the tranny and delete BSM, if it has not been done.
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    how to wash engine bay without damaging ?

    Never have covered anything. I just don't go hog wild. I have spray washed engine bays for 50yrs and never had a problem. Recently power washed Passat engine bay. Sprayed Simple Green first and then power wash, focusing mostly on grimey block and hoses. That's my experience anyway.
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    how to wash engine bay without damaging ?

    I have power washed the engine bay on all my cars with no problems. I hate a greasy, grimy engine bay.
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    Tell Us About Your Very 1st Diesel

    81 Dasher fastback Like many of VWs offerings, it too was cursed with a couple serious design flaws and met an early demise. Like many other VWs, I did enjoy that car a great deal, however.
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    Passat fun

    Nice work
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    2005 VW Golf GLS TDI - So Calif

    Nice car GLWS
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    Unable to tell if my 2005 VW Passat tdi has had the bsm fix yet

    I think that is true for the BSM delete Geared module would still be 4qts
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    Aftermarket axle (09A driver side)

    I have OReilley axles on my BHW for the last 50k and zero problems at about 65ea. There were 2 versions- Chinese and Mexico remans. Mine are the latter.
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    Squeaky DS door...Argh!!!!

    I agree bottom hinge rollers are likely culprit. I always kept hinges oiled and greased and squeak would quickly return. Driver's door was main problem. Thorough cleaning with brake cleaner, relube, and squeak has not returned. It can be annoying. MTC
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    Squeaky DS door...Argh!!!!

    I have had best luck by first cleaning hinges with brake cleaner and then relubing.