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    Recommendations for a longblock.

    Something similar happened to me a few winters back. Except no work had been done. Parked it since broken ankle. So I'm in same boat with cylinder head (haven't looked inside). I figure I can do some modest upgrades. Which turbo are you considering? Do you have suggestions on injectors (I want...
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    Rotella t6 alternatives

    I agree with Chrisgt on idparts. Also autohaus az has plenty to choose from. I had better start buying more and storing in basement as my truck takes 9 gallons every month or 15,000m (whichever i have time for). But it doesn't get to taste synthetic.
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    Machined/cast turbo inlet pipe - gauging interest

    Count me in as prospective buyer
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    Low fuel economy in Utah

    Need more information. I didn't see what you are driving. Has the performance changed? Is it stumbling or stalling? I remember switching to straight pipe exhaust one summer and well it's still summer when you asked but when winter hit me I figured out the catalytic converter helped keep...
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    injector upgrade needed?

    My first thought is diesel purge, assuming the fuel lines are intact. Maybe someone else will chime in but I'm thinking crusty outside is simply from sitting - just flush all fluids - injection should be ok. My 97 has been sitting outside in midwest for 3+ yrs and it looks bad compared to when...
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    Anyone still have their TDI's?

    Bump Still the original owner of a 97 Passat tdi.
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    SeaFoam Cleaner? Anyone use it on TDI?

    I wouldn't mind an IPAD while doing DP, except I like to drive around the block during the cleaning cycle, if you will. ATF...I would seriously question it's use as there is warning in the owners manual (AKA book of Achtung!) regarding the catalytic converter.
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    No reverse lights

    My wires from the transmission switch or rather the pigtail from switch- were chaffed. Rock auto was NOT helpful. I ended up getting a good connector from JY taking as much wire as possible and now my back up lights are working. If you end up with a connector like I received from rock auyo...
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    '96 B4v won't start- Strange electrical issue

    Also, might be a good time for spring cleaning on your grounds. If you didn't use noalox last time when the battery and starter were replaced, maybe so this time. I had to clean grounds 3 x in less than a year until I tried noalox and have been good now for 18 months
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    Help! 2003 Jetta engine sounds like a motorcycle

    Two things to add: 1) I've read that it may be best to use diesel purge directly before an oil change. it seemed to be the general consensus in a thread that the blow by will not do your engine any favors. 2) Old 06-10-14, 05:05 PM #2 Lug_Nut Default What method are you using to seat the...
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    Passat B4 mirror fell off

    you can get a new mirror from Rock auto $5 . I had to replace mine a few years ago. I think I used black or blue RTV to stick it on as suggested by one of the veterans here. it's been holding well for 3 years. The heat will transfer thru adequately. ALSO!!! get the other one re-glued before...
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    Boost gauge housing?

    I'm almost sure I read in the past how someone else routed everything from engine to cabin. I've looked for days and haven't found anything. What method or route did you take to get wires thru the firewall?
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    Boost gauge housing?

    Abacus -your F150 A-pilat pod looks pretty good.I'm curious if the A pilars are the same on the MK3 as our B4. I will certainly settle for what you have pictured. Most important question is, What route did you choose to send you wires from the engine compartment all the way to the pod? Dave
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    Battery charging voltage at 17.1 volts?

    I'm glad to have found this thread! About a year ago I had my alternator rebuilt after replacing the voltage regulator didn't pump up my voltage until I blipped the throttle on each start. Last July I was driving and smelled something like maybe a meth house? - a few blocks later I decided I had...
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    WTB: AHU/ 1Z Cylinder heads, Pistons

    Looking thru inventory at a Canadian salvage yard I found $200 a huge head. I thought of you and will let you decide if it's what you can use. Dave