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    headlight lenses; buy new or repair?

    I've used the crystal view method a couple times... the results are great - initially - but inevitably the haze would return in a couple years. For the last polish, I used the 3M kit (~17 at wally world), which worked like a charm. But then I decided I would head off the pending haze before it...
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    '02 Glow plug harness replacement (56k warning!)

    Bringing this thread back to life... got a CEL, indicating bad #2 GP, but all of my GPs tested at 1.1ohms. Relay checkout out too. So... time to replace harness. Question... any reason why I couldn't also use the dielectric compound on the harness sockets for each individual GP?? Wouldn't...
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    BT Hands Free Speakerphone in TDI

    I have the Motorola IHF1000 hooked up to the head unit, and the mic is up near the map light. From what I'm told, the sound/reception on the other end is clear, if just a bit loud at times (I think the mic is quite sensitive). I'm one of those people who tends to talk louder when I'm on my...
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    Diesel fuel additive testing cover-up

    UFO.... and what exactly are you saying that hasn't been said before?
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    Diesel fuel additive testing cover-up

    Zurgin.... you already have access to B20 in your area! John Ray & Sons on 6th Street (if I remember correctly) in Troy. I've filled up there a couple times myself when visiting my in-laws near the NY/VT border. Fill up there my friend, and you shall need no stinkin' additives ;)
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    So I'm Going to School One Morning...

    Oh how I wish I was "forced" to use B5 only 10 miles from my house :rolleyes: Do you realize that B5 is probably the best possible juice to be running on? That's plenty of bio to keep the whole fuel path happy, but not so much that your mileage will suffer. Sorry that your drive for fuel is a...
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    Installed bluetooth for OEM radio, now no lock alarm?

    Not pricey at all.... I got it for a steal on ebay. I don't think the guy knew what he was selling, and he had it listed incorrectly which meant it garnered fewer bids. I got the motorola unit plus the vw head unit adapter for like $85 or something like that. The best $85 I ever put into the car!
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    Installed bluetooth for OEM radio, now no lock alarm?

    There is a switch on the head unit clamps that activates the lock horn? Hmmm.... maybe you're onto something..... when I took the head unit out to hook everything up, I mistakenly bent one of the clips when I inserted the radio removal tools. And the bottom of the head unit is sticking ever so...
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    Installed bluetooth for OEM radio, now no lock alarm?

    Last year, I installed a Motorola IHF1000 bluetooth car kit onto the OEM head unit. Works like a charm.... audio is routed through car speakers, microphone installed near map light, calls automatically mute radio, the OEM radio LCD reads "Phone" when in phone mode, etc. And power is switched...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Today, took care of the eyeballs..... the 3M headlight polish kit was on sale at AAP, so I got rid of the yellow frost on the headlights and installed the Xpel film that I forgot I had in my basement :) With any luck, this will be the last time I'll have to buff those lights.
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    WTB: cargo basket for roof rack

    I have a growing family now, need to increase the carrying capacity of the Jetta a bit for the holiday vacations coming up. I already have the OEM rack setup. Looking for a cargo basket - anyone looking to part with one? Would prefer one of the OEM VW or Audi baskets, but would consider...
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    Bennington is about as far south and west in VT as you can get. My in-laws live just across the border from Bennington on the NY side. Bennington is a nice, quiet, touristy type of town.
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    Black NB in Mifflinburg, PA

    Saw a Black NB yesterday with a TDI Club license frame. Followed him along Rt. 304 from Mifflinburg to New Berlin until I turned to go home.
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    fluorescent green diesel?

    I too have noticed my local BP stations tend to have greenish diesel, while the local Shell station is virtually clear.
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    Good fuse to tap for switched power??

    Well, I did just just that over the weekend. Until I poked my head under there, I didn't know such a user-friendly switched power source was there. Now my Bluetooth car kit turns off when the car is off :)