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    constant 6 Volt at the AC compressor clutch

    I'v been working at this car now for 4 days and looked every where on the internet for answer and found nothing that leaded to a solution At first only the small fan worked on low speed. so I replaced the 2 fans and that got them working on both speeds, I redid the ground since it add a 35 ohms...
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    Water Injection, does it benefit TDI?

    I've been running Water/Meth 50/50 sometimes 60/40 on drag nights for over 2 years now. My engine is still running stock compression with stock pistons. as far as cleaning the VGT... probably, I know my turbo WG turbo likes it. it whisle like a new after a good run on it. the intake manifold...
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    Volkswagen Caravelle Edition 25

    The closest to euro is mercedes-benz sprinter. we had the eurovan in the 90's
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    TDI on Motor Age magazine

    Pressure-sensing glow plugs (PSGs).... that sounds like a 500$ glow plug problem...Are they bosch because i'm not buying it lol
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    Forget about the VW approved oils( Scam oil) Have been running Rotella T6 in all my VW/Audi in the family. My tdi ran T6 before it got totaled, my mom and my brother's TDI Passats are running T6 my brand new Audi a4 TFSI is running T6. even the dealer said their castrol is crappy and Rottela is...
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    K14 turbo - too old?

    K14 flows more air than any vnt17. every tdi with vnt 17 chiped by kerma, rocket or mrtunning got smoked away by my evry mod and a k14.
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    K14 turbo - too old?

    K24 is just as old and used on 16TD also.... The old school turbo are easy to install since they share the same manifold as 1.6/1.9 TD's and will bolt any 8 valves VW. and the feed line and drain line from mk3 1.9TD will also bolt a AHU /1Z TDI with the modification of the engine harness...
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    K14 turbo - too old?

    I've been running the K14 at 25psi for over a year with race520 injectors and its rock solid. It blows hot but 9Gallon/hour of water meth cools it down very quick.
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    'New' Shell Rotella T6 full synth

    That's not anything new. But where does it says on the shell website Rotella T6 will destroy your VW motors. I run this oil in multiple cars. even Audi did put this oil in my brand new A4 TFSI, I had to supply the oil. Audi said rotella T6 is a great oil but they brand the castrol(audi) and...
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    Towing question

    This is the result of pulling 2 Harley's on a trailer. Cheers BTW This is the 3rd meltdown after 350 000 Km
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  14. VNT-15 failure

    VNT-15 failure

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