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    2015/CVCA Timing Belt

    Thanks everyone! As I looked closer, I was reminded that the belt has a 130K mile replacement interval, not 120K like I was thinking. Given I only have 112K on the clock, I will be putting this off until the winter. It's getting into the 90's now & won't let up until October. Thank again for...
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    2015/CVCA Timing Belt

    I'm about to replace the timing belt in my '15 TDI Jetta. However, I can't find any specific How-To's. It's possible I missed them in the search. Can anyone point to an EA288 specific procedure? Or, is it essentially like the CJAA generation? Thanks! Tony
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    Coolant Temp

    325_Guy, thanks for the reply and validation - That's what I'm looking for! Mach1, I adjusted the injector preload when I changed the cam, 80k miles ago. If I find some time this weekend, I'll look at the timing. I am doing a 20k maintenance this weekend; oil change, oil, air & fuel filer...
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    Coolant Temp

    So, we all understand that the factory gauge is heavily damped, and therefore misleading. I also agree, than anything less than ~240 is acceptable, so long as the cooling system is known to be in good working order. I am trying to understand the normal operating temp range for the '06 TDI...
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    Coolant Temp

    All, Thank you for the replies! More info: The factory gauge never budges off 190F. EVER! I know, and reluctantly accept, that factory gauges are heavily damped to ONLY indicate serious problems. This is in the realm of the general public, and issues associated with that generality...
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    Coolant Temp

    Background: 2006 Jetta TDI, original owner, 279k miles. Just replaced timing belt - every belt done by myself - kit from IDparts Included with this timing belt, beyond the usual: water pump serpentine tensioner thermostat thermostat housing I'm inquiring about normal operating temps: @ 70MPH...
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    Guru's Help please. A5 BRM Engine speed sensor, ECU & grounds

    AFAIK, Speed sensor on the A5 is through the ABS @ each wheel. Previous generations actually had a sensor in the trans. Tony
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    I thought I would post this in the hopes it will help someone in the future. Had P0243 & P0245 codes pop up a few weeks ago. Engine was in limp mode. Otherwise running OK - Just like a 30 hp diesel! Cleaned the grounds near the battery. Inspected the wiring to the turbo VNT actuator, EGR...
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    5sp drive axle seal

    That write up is for a 1-piece seal. My trans has the 2 piece seal, so I need 2 tools: T10148 & 3066. Thanks! Tony
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    5sp drive axle seal

    Has anyone replaced the right (passenger) side drive axle seal? If so, does anyone have a tool to loan/rent? TIA, Tony
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    WTB: CECM '06 Jetta

    I've got one on the way. Thanks for looking! Tony
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    2006 VW Jetta BRM TDI DSG to 5-speed manual conversion/ swap

    Implement the solution however you are comfortable. I was only expressing my opinion. Tony
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    FWIW, I installed the cross drilled rotors on all four corners of my B4, when I had it. Now my brother has it, and loves them! Glad to hear your trip went well! Tony