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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    $2.29 for Diesel. $2.35 for nonethanol gasoline. Shenandoah,VA.
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    Longest commute.

    Thanks for the nice response, everyone.
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    be sure to use synthetic blinker fluid

    The best thread ever.
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    Longest commute.

    Less traffic is definitely a good thing.
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    TDI @ church.

    I saw a TDI with Pennsylvania license plates @ church.
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    Longest commute.

    I do an 80 mile round trip. What do other people do?
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    Boston TDI Mechanic Recommendation

    Thanks,idigo blue wagon.
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    Boston TDI Mechanic Recommendation

    Chris from Braintree ,MA is who I would recommend.
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    Note on my car!

    To the top.
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    He will never miss his mk5 in the parking lot

    To the top.
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    Road trip planning to the NE USA (looking for suggestions)

    Lancaster County,PA is a must stop for me.
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    Storm Area 51

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    Richmond a4 Jetta

    There's a fair amount of TDI's in VA that I see.