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    FS: 10mm ALH pump - St. Louis, MO

    Selling my 10mm injection pump off of my 2000 TDI. I upgraded to an 11mm IP when this one started to show signs of leaking. I had this listed a while ago and lost track of the thread. Probably good as a core. $50 +shipping OBO
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    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    There are a few hidden costs that people should be aware of before claiming that Solar is this “free” energy source. Unless you have batteries and an inverter, you’re dumping that solar electricity onto the grid. The power company in turn returns it to you at 60hz. That service isn’t free to...
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Mine got its first service with Oilhammer!
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    20,000 miles on oil?

    There are people on here who do 20k and besides making sure it doesn’t run dry, do nothing else. Their success probably is due to driving habits and heat cycles over any additives. They really come out of the woodwork when the “Should I change my oil at 3,000 miles” threads pop up.
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    Why all these big vehicles?

    I’m screenshooting that for the next time my wife wants out of her 2004 Corolla with 250k miles. You can throw in the fact that a financed car requires more expensive insurance.
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    2003 TDI Sedan part out

    What color? What condition is the front bumper in?
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    How many of you are still rocking a MK4 as your DD?

    Not a wagon, but my 2000 Jetta is still my DD despite owning a "new-never titled" 2015 Golf TDI I bought last May. I have only put 3,000 miles on the Golf in that time period. And if stuff like rocks or debris hits the Jetta on the road, who cares? I also like the power band of the ALH better.
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    Has anyone gotten a tune after the emmisions fix?

    Brian-when I bought my 15 “new” the first part of the fix was recently completed (hence allowing them to sell the car). The dealer indicated that I would be notified when part 2 was ready but told me it was up to me to get part 2. That might have been part of the sales pitch, I’m not sure...
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    Totalled - '01 Jetta

    Your point? VW did in the 90s what Mazda is just now able to do. There will always be engines that can do something better than the nearly 2 decade old ALH. Hell, my wife’s beater Corolla still gets 37 mpgs and it’s 14 years old! And everyone said that at 220k miles that 1ZZ FE should be...
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    saving another one

    Any car in Blue is a great car. Nice find! I assume this is another case of a customer not wanting to do the necessary fixes?
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    Chevy Cruze diesel, manual 6spd

    I’m not sure I’d ever consider a Chevy as ANY replacement vehicle. I guess I am lucky enough to have picked up a new 2015 Golf this year. But if mpg’s are your concern, then I guess your options are limited to some unfortunate vehicles.
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    Adapting a Golf S for a Full-Size Spare

    Get a bumper mount like some SUVs have. I’m sure some guy with welding skills can do that for you. Or just toss one in the back seat. I’ve had to use my spare once. Only advantage to a full size to me is I can drive faster to get it fixed. I maybe put 10 miles on it? Though here in St. Louis...
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    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    Bummer. Just another excuse for the Mercedes parts department to be difficult.
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    FS: 3 (Yes 3!) Two Door Red ALH Golfs

    If you only intend on selling them as a package, why are you listing the individual prices? Usually people don’t want three cars. Is there a package deal of some sort that you’re offering? Like buy all three get 20% off?
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    2006 TDI BRM Roll Coal Cheap Mod??

    I’ll trade you my 2000. It’s plenty smokey.