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    Disable shift indicator

    I don't like it either. I drive a 3-pedal model because I prefer to drive my car instead of letting it drive me. I've been meaning to put a piece of black vinyl tape to just block it from my view. Unless there's an easy way to defeat it electronically...Never mind, time for tape! :)
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    First oil change at 10,000

    I agree it is probably the wind. Where I live the prevailing wind is west-to-east. I get better fuel economy driving east every time.
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    What Sportwagen mods & accessories do you reccomend?

    File down the rear seat headrest posts or remove the springs. You'll appreciate this when you need to remove them in the future. My 2012 JSW annoyed me until I did this simple mod. Also - aspherical side mirrors. Greatly improves your vision!
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    Can't decide which transmission

    I WANT the fogs - did you have the dealer install them? Tell me more, how much did it cost?:cool:
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    Fuel Cap Mods

    It seems to be the "Achille's Heel" for VW. There are sooo many design details of my JSW exceeding my expectations. Then there's the fuel cap "hopping" off of the fuel door. Who designed this? Really?
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    Headrest removal without screwdriver?

    I used my dremel tool and indeed it worked perfectly! I don't know why VW designed the new models this way, but I defeated it quickly and easily. Thanks to the forum for great advice!
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    Headrest removal without screwdriver?

    I'm doing this today - thanks!!! I was at work and a friend brought me a piece of furniture that required my to go into full bed mode. Alas, I didn't have any tools! Luckily I found a floor staple and managed to fight the card headrests out. I don't ever want to go through that hassle again. :mad:
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    Can't decide which transmission

    I am the kind of individual that has a high level of "mechanical sympathy". That is, I become part of the mechanical experience when driving my car. That said, I prefer a 3-pedal model and enjoy the driving experience. On the other hand, there are lots of people with less "sympathy" or just...
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    Long Term Skidplate Test

    Leave the original plastic noise shield on.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    I love the name you gave your new truck. Though I wouldn't want to pay that bill...:eek:
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    2012 Golf auxiliary cabin heater?

    :rolleyes:I enjoyed fast heat on my '10 JSW and I notice the '12 is not heating the cabin as quickly. I think they changed something, just not sure what. I'll try the off, then full on method, though it should work better than that...
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    Long Term Skidplate Test

    I had my dealer remove from my '10 JSW then install the DG "Panzer" onto my new 2012 JSW. Total of 50K miles combined and still looks like new. Sure it has some scrapes and bumps, but I think it's an excellent investment!
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    New 2012 JSW TDI - the first 1250 miles...

    I purchased the aspherical mirrors. A great investment for safer driving. Love the drive-side one but prefer the standard passenger mirror. I bought them for my '10 JSW, and since I saved my OEM mirrors, I took them with me for my new '12 JSW. BTW I find some refinements in the '12 such as hill...
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    Why do people disable DRL?

    I don't like DRLs - they make drivers become lazy about the driving conditions. I instead prefer to use my full head/tail lights when driving. Safer and never "forget" to turn on lights. I disabled the DRLs on my '10 JSW, very easy. But the '12 doesn't seem to allow me to disable them. Anyone...