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    Touareg fuel economy

    As stated, the TDI fuel efficiency was/is quite good for what the vehicle is. When we bought our 2009 Touareg TDI (used), we were also shopping similar vintage Tiguans w/ 4motion. The 4 cyl Tiguan (premium gas) and 6 cyl Touareg TDI had virtually identical EPA numbers, about 18/25 if I recall...
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    Touareg fuel economy

    Mileage was improved with the 2011 and later T3 models so those are not apples to apples comparisons. We had a CATA 2009 pre-fix. IIRC it would get 20-22 around town, about 24-26 on the highway. Only towed once and mileage did drop off. Don't know about post-fix but your description seems a...
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    Thoughts on buying used Touareg TDI

    In the US, no. And they are all 4Motion not 4XMotion, no more center lock either.
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    P229F CEL after long high speed driving - cleared on it's own

    Did you verify the code was cleared, or just that the CEL turned off -- not the same thing. They can still look at it if the code hasn't cleared, and I suspect it hasn't. Our A6 hasn't experienced the behavior you're describing, but I usually only run about 75 on long trips.
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    Mechanic in san antonio

    Is runonbeer back in TX? He was in NC last I heard. - Edit - His website still states the Austin shop closed late in 2017.
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    2014 Q5 TDI Front and Rear Final Drive/Transfer Case

    Might relook at the 3rd column for vehicle application and compare to the vehicle you're interested in.
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    Question on DEF & Emission System

    Might read more carefully. Assuming it was originally put in service in 2014 the 10 years/120k miles starts from there. It's also 4yr/48k miles from the emissions modification date. Looks like the 10/120 will take you later, to approx 2024 or 120k miles, WEOF.
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    Back to the TDI life!

    See p.7 of the linked file. The duration of the emissions warranty is the Greater of the two (4yr/48k from fix, 10yr/120k from original service date), so the "fixed" date and mileage won't control here. Jan 2022 or approx 100k miles (whichever occurs first) vs approx 2024 or 120k miles...
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    Back to the TDI life!

    You may wish to check into the remaining TDI Emissions warranty to see if you want to risk affecting it with a Tune. There is in the range of 4 yrs/40,000 miles remaining (based on 10 yrs/120,000 miles from original service date). I believe the Q5 is a Gen2 PC...
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    05 passat gls 2.0 tdi wagon, manual conversion, immaculate leather interior.

    To the OP, a request for additional information was sent through a direct message/conversation.
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    Bought an '16 A7 TDI Prestige - Extended Warranty or No?

    Risk tolerance is a personal thing. Audi repairs are expensive, but as you stated the TDI settlement already covers a lot issues, even the very expensive costs associated with HPFP failure (so long as there is no owner error). Extended warranties are prepaid repairs, whether used or not...
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    AdBlue same as BlueDEF(Diesel Exhuast Fluid)????

    Good point, I should have been thinking more generally -- I was focused on the 2013 Q7 in the OP's signature, which I'm pretty sure qualifies for the DEF. I believe most, if not all, the 3.0l that accepted the emissions modification are eligible but I haven't directly researched them all...
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    AdBlue same as BlueDEF(Diesel Exhuast Fluid)????

    For VW/Audi owners with a vehicle still under the settlement extended warranty, all other things being equal consider letting the dealer fill it, free, per the settlement terms. Fairly painless here in the OKC area, both VW and Audi dealers. Also, if anything goes wrong related to the DEF...
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    How do you reset inspection reminder in MMI

    There's probably an MMI reset (there is on our Treg and A6), but it usually won't get rid of the "wrench" symbol, etc. In other words you probably need to do both the MMI and VCDS. With VCDS try the link below, including the video at the bottom of the page...
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    Oil Change With Wrong Oil Spec 2015 Q5TDI-Need Advice

    I don't know whether it will harm the DPF, but if I had an oil change done and paid for it I'd politely ask they correct their mistake and replace with the proper oil. If it was me or my bother-in-law that did it I would still bite the cost of the oil and put the proper oil in.