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    MK4 Brake issues.

    Checked this and it all looks fine
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    MK4 Brake issues.

    Not yet but I'll have a look. Thanks for the info.
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    MK4 Brake issues.

    Interested to know how you are getting on with your brakes as my Toledo has a similar issue with soft pedal. If at idle I sit with my foot on the pedal it will gradually depress if I keeep a little pressure on it.
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    Just finished my Compressed Natural Gas 1.8 turbo 60 cents a GAL.

    A quick google yielded this from Diesel Engine Conversions May need to improve cooling system efficiency May need engine oil cooler May need...
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    Bleeding Brakes

    Any update?
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    anyone using 7 hole 764s on vnt 17

    I thought you being UK based that you might have a more local source?
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    anyone using 7 hole 764s on vnt 17

    Sorry cog not an answer but I'd been keen to hear an update too. BTW do you have a source for the nozzles?
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    "You're doing it wrong"

    Don't worry he's probably using copper grease on the pads to protect the paint !!:p I've got a new set of Brembo Max disks waiting for a set of Ferodo DS2500 pads to arrive. Must nip down the DIY shop for some brake paint (not) :D I'm wondering if the paint will flame enough to light the tyres ?
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    Skid Plate options?

    Nope they've all been put beyond use !! Well that's what they say anyway. The roads in Northern Ireland are not good once you get off the main routes. BTW, does this plate fit a Seat Toledo?
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    Dogbone mount bushings MOD- hybrid dogbone mount

    I got the following after trying the Powerflex one which gave terrible vibration. This one gives very little more vibration than stock
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    Jatropha oil > soybean oil? Big planters of this crop
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    Are my exhaust options really this limited?

    Is that Dave Wishart? Seen a small van with the Torque Tronix logo today
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    UK Insurance

    I'm with Adrian Flux too after Endsleigh decided they could insure me this year with the same mods I had last year ?? Chip, springs, shock, alloys
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    110 cams

    Italian? Just like Bosio