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    Shifter linkage play

    Doesn’t dieselgeek sell upgraded bushings, for that linkage arm? So many complaints about 1J0711256, but let’s get real… how often does it break? Years ago, I’ve had one break, and I replaced it with a used one. It’s been fine since. If it’s not a race car and you’re not plowing through...
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    The size is mentioned, in my post. -Todd
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    1Z identification and diagnosis

    Those chips look stock, to me. I wouldn’t think twice about using electronics cleaner; just be sure everything evaporates, prior to powering anything up. I’ve used rubbing alcohol, without issue. -Todd
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    Another B4 Speedometer Issue Thread

    Good to know. I’ve always sent mine out, because I didn’t want to get involved, lol. Lazy… -Todd
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    Another B4 Speedometer Issue Thread

    So, those caps can be swapped, without removing the tach stepper? Doesn’t appear to be too hard, if so. -Todd
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    Welding the body of a A3

    Maybe you mean Andy’s Auto Sport? I seriously doubt it. I’ve bought Bilsteins, from this place, a few years back. -Todd
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    Another B4 Speedometer Issue Thread

    I’m no electronics expert, but I thought this style cap, is definitely polarized…. -Todd
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    CEL and flashing glowplug lights with VAGCOM codes showing up on a 1Z

    Scrap that cat. A few months ago, I took 2 (same) TDI cats to the same yard, 1 week apart. The first one fetched $350. The second fetched $375. -Todd
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    FS: Euro engine cover

    Bought this years ago, and I don’t see myself installing it. I think it’s just for 1Z or AHU, and I think it looks a lot better, than what we got in the US. PO tried to mount it on something gas, so it’s been slightly modded. The screwdriver points to the obvious, although I’m not 100% sure...
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    FB B3/4 Post in PA - B4 parts wants gone

    That link was dead, the day it was posted. Good looking out, though. -Todd
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    CEL and flashing glowplug lights with VAGCOM codes showing up on a 1Z

    Philosopher, has a very recent thread with a bad #3. Still, check the easy stuff, first. -Todd
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    Injectors...1z/AHU vs. ALH

    I agree with this. I have AAA and 100 miles of tow coverage, when something goes wrong. Thankfully, I rarely have to use it and I’m always under 100 miles, when I do. -Todd
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    '96 B4 Sedan in Arizona Junkyard, anyone need parts?

    Lol. Carry on… Isn’t that a VR6 option, only? -Todd
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    FB B3/4 Post in PA - B4 parts wants gone

    Are there plugs for those screws….. hoooodanown…..? -Todd
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    Injectors...1z/AHU vs. ALH

    For cores, they’ll be fine. Just be sure you get the rectangular plug on the #3 vs. the oval. -Todd