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    SOLD: MK7 BC Racing Coilovers (50mm) (San Antonio, TX) $850

    SOLD. Selling a complete set of BC Racing Coilovers. They are for 50mm front struts and in excellent condition. I bought them with low mileage (7500 miles)for my GSW, but never installed them due to circumstances in life. I have the front adjuster and wrenches. Asking for $850 shipped to the...
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    FS: 2015 GSW 6-Speed

    SOLD Selling a 2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen TDI S (GSW). The vehicle is in excellent condition with no issues or problems. All the emission equipment is intact to keep the warranty active. I’m the second owner of the vehicle and I bought it with roughly 56k miles and have used it as a daily...
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    FS: Rally Wag MK7/Alltrack Lift

    SOLD: I have these for sale if anyone is interested. They are an easy alternative to replacing the springs and having to go through all that R & R. These can be added without removing the strut from the knuckle and minimal labor. I'm putting my vehicle back to stock so that's why I have these...
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    FS: OEM Alltrack Struts/Shocks

    SOLD Selling a complete set of OEM struts and shocks off a 2018 Alltrack. They have less than 8000 miles and are in excellent condition. The front is a 55mm strut, so they will only fit Alltracks, GTI’s and R’s that I’m aware of. I’ll ship at buyers expense if interested. Looking for $100 for...
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    FS: 2006 Jetta TDI 5-speed

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    Various Items For Sale

    I have a bunch of left over items for various vehicles that need to be cleared out. I have listed prices that I've either seen or found to be similar to what's being sold. I'm up for any reasonable offers to get this stuff sold. Some of it is too big to ship, but if you live in the south...
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    .658 5th Gear Swap Info

    Just an FYI if anyone is interested in a 5th gear swap for their cars. I recently saw this on another site with the OP contemplating purchasing this set for their swap. I bought the set and made the swap, all went well and the gears worked out great. Everything fit perfectly and the cost is...
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    FS: Thermostat [OEM] (CJAA)(A3 CBEA)

    Selling a brand new thermostat I'd bought for my 2010 JSW and never used. Turned in vehicle before installing the thermostat. Thermostat and o-ring. $50 shipped to lower 48.
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    BRM Vibration

    I've been dealing with an increased vibration that is starting to get really annoying and bad at the same time. The vibration seems to be RPM related and seems to be the worst between 1700 and 2600 RPM's. It's getting to the point where is rattles the dash, door panels and you can feel it in...
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    MK6 Parts F/S

    I have some left over aftermarket parts that I need to sell for the MK6 platform. These parts are "obo", so please ask any questions. SOLD: ECS Tuning clutch bleeder block for 6-speed - $105 shipped. SOLD: Darkside Developments CJAA EGR delete. This is for the delete pipe, block off screw and...
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    MK5 Electrical Wiring Help

    Can anyone help me with the overhead electrical wiring. I replaced my headliner with a used unit and the wiring from the white ribbon cable does not match up with the factory plug in the roof wiring. The ribbon cable powers the two vanity lights and the rear dome/reading light. There are...
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    2006 Jetta A/C Questions/Advice

    I recently bought a 2006 Jetta with inoperable A/C. I have gone through some tests and have been stumped as where I need to turn next for testing and possible remedy.I will try to list all I have done thus far and ask for any input with possible solutions or where to check next. I started with...
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    JSW Running Too Cool

    Any advice on this would be appreciated. Ever since I've had my vehicle and over the past 50k miles, my vehicle has always ran on the cool side. Should I start simple and replace the temp sensor first? Is that a legitimate option or could it possibly be a stuck thermostat? As you can see in...
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    FS: RCD-510 & 9w2 Bluetooth

    I'm selling the 9w2 Bluetooth module from a 2010 JSW. It's in excellent condition and works perfectly. Please ask any questions and make any reasonable offers. RCS-510: SOLD 9w2: SOLD