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    What did you do to your MkVI-A6 today?

    You picked a bad week in texas to do it... though better than what we're going to see this week
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    What did you do to your MkVI-A6 today?

    I've fallen in love with ST - XTA series coilovers. All the tech and cool bits of KW coils, just in galvanized housings rather than stainless. Really reasonable price. That being said, I'm not sure if there's an option for the sportwagen .
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    Dsg/ mechatronics issue?

    you've got a good excuse to add an LSD... provided you're pulling the trans out.
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    CP3 tune question

    I suppose I should add that it was on my Stage 3 vehicle.
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    ID Parts A5Skidplate and Sideskirts

    FYSA, this one is a direct replacement for the plastic belly pan. It will protect the underside of the car, but it's only as strong as the plastic it's attached to. Check out the other posts in this thread that utilize mounting points on the subframe
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    CP3 tune question

    Thats what struck me as odd, as there are no markings whatsoever on it. Once I'm ready to install it, I'll shoot an email to darkside to ask. Malone recommends sending them logs any time you change to a CP3, just so they can confirm things are still ok.
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    CP3 tune question

    So I have a CP3 from Darkside that's waiting to go on my sportwagen and there's NO markings on the metering valve. I though it curious, as the CP3 I have on my A3 had a part number and I had to provide that to Malone for the tune update.
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    A Pillar Double or Triple Gauge Pods 2012 VW Golf TDI Wagon

    There's also the in-vent gauges. in my opinion they offer the cleanest/most factory look.
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    CPO ‘13 JSW Pano…

    Make a carbon fiber plug and glue it in... (i kind of want to do this on my A3)
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    What to do when the intercooler does ice over

    Yea, on the CJAA/CBEA motors the intercooler combined with EGR gasses cause condensation buildup in the intake tract in certain conditions.
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    A3 2.0 CR170 project

    That is a rubber cap that fits over the "warm air intake" port on the lower back side of the airbox. It was up to me to figure that out on my own because whoever I talked to at darkside about it didn't know either.
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    Intercooler icing solution my way.

    yea you're not going to want that if you're looking for anything other than a replacement for the plastic undertray... though you could use it if you make your own metal mounting brackets for it that allow you to mount it to the vehicle frame/subframe.
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    GSP axles.

    Are you referring to Raxles? I'm a huge fan of Raxles for quality and price
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    Malone stage 2 with tranny tune.

    Do the math the next time you fill up. That will give you your actual fuel mileage. My stage 2 sportwagen saw a roughly 5mpg average increase
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    Mk6 jsw dsg

    Not that I know of... Maybe look at the darkside developments YouTube channel. They may have a video on a build thats relevant