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    Lightbar for 2011 JSW

    Yes. The company that I work for, has a sister company called Lightforce Performance lighting, and I have several set of the lights to use as demo's, but I can't find a way to mount them that will do what I want it to do. Any suggestions?
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    Lightbar for 2011 JSW

    Does anyone know of anyone who makes a lightbar for the 2011 JSW?
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    Anybody trying any different fog light applications or installs?

    rigid makes a single row version of that light and I have toyed with the idea of mounting it horizontally in the front grill. but its $$$$$
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    2013 JSW options suggestions from delaer?

    those monster mats are flat out amazing. I put them in the day I got my car, and my carpets are flawless. Get the fronts and the backs
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    Increase Horse Power

    I've got a 2011 with 44K miles on it...... that warranty is long gone.
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    Increase Horse Power

    those guys too :)
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    How don't y'all get 50+ with ease it seems?

    I hit 36000k, and the mpg took a jump. Easily 48-50mpg on my 95 miles interstate commute at 65-70mph, all day, everyday, with the AC on..
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    Increase Horse Power

    Malone, RocketChip, or APR
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    Appalachian Diesel Works GTG Oct 20 AVL, NC

    My Dad ( 04 Jetta ), and myself ( 2011 JSW ), will be there with bells on. Would anyone be willing to help me install a set of HID lights in my JSW?
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    APR Tuning now offering a tune for 2.0 CR TDIs!

    Will have it by the end of the month!
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    Can I use a VNT-17 on a stock tune?

    Thank you folks for all your help. Is there a way to test the actuator to see if it is defective? Thanks again Tim
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    Can I use a VNT-17 on a stock tune?

    Long story short, the turbo on my dads 04 jetta has a defective actuator. I'm not sure if you can replace only the actuator or not, but here is my question. since the stock turbo and the VNT17 are so close in price, I feel that it is worth it to get the 17 just in case dad decides to ever tune...
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    how do I get my headlights to turn on when I unlock the doors?

    I have searched, and I'm pretty sure it can be adjusted via the options in the MFD, but I can;t find it. How can I enable my headlights to turn on for a couple seconds when I unlock my car? Thanks Tim
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    How many miles are you planning to keep your current CR?

    I'll keep my 2011 JSW, until I decide I need a new car.
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    I want to find a way to mount these lights....

    I want to turn night in to day on the country backroads that I live on.