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    You now have options to repair or replace your BEW PD Lift Pump

    The old style pump that you replaced was able to allow the car to function even after it failed. Most people have no idea how long the pump has been dead for. The new style does not function like the old one. That's why I sell the pump motor for the old style as it was a much better design.
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    01M Troubles

    OK. So Alchemist was kind enough to sell me a TCU for a reasonable price. I switched it out and the codes are gone! I haven't driven it yet but I'm concerned about what may have caused this on the TCU circuit board.
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    01M Troubles

    Has anybody seen anything like this?
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    01M Troubles

    I did drop the pan to do a fluid and filter. I didn't look very close but the cable looked ok. What I don't understand is why the TCU says that they all have an open circuits but the tests say otherwise.
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    01M Troubles

    Hi, I recently bought a 2000 TDI for my daughter. The transmission is in limp mode. Reverse and 1st work if you select them. D is 3rd gear only. When I scanned the transmission it came up with these codes: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address...
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    Skid plates back in stock! (finally)

    After a long and frustrating delay they are back in stock. :D
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    GTD in 2015?

    I spoke with VW customer service a few weeks ago. I expressed my desire to have the GTD and Amrock TDI brought to NA. She said that the Amrock was likely and that they would convey my thoughts to the marketing dept. I think now is the time to get a petition going. GTD 2014
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    Fund Raiser for Oilhammer

    Looks more like a Pizza party.... ;)
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    Fund Raiser for Oilhammer

    I haven't been around much lately and missed the raffle. Just sent a PayPal donation.
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    O.T. - Elderly panic/emergency monitoring

    I mother has this.It is old technology though and difficult to program. But it does work.
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    TDIFest 2012 coming to Ypsilanti, MI

    Well, I was turned back at the border. Apparently I was going to work in the US..... It seems that the border officers can come to any conclusion without justification.. Wasn't happy. Hope everyone is having a good time.
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    Save me 4 OK.
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    Looking for a Walbro fuel pump

    I have one here in Newmarket.
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    Matt, will these be available at TDI Fest? If so I'd like to get a few then.