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    Replacing door handle(B4) with used, how to remove lock cylinder without key these are still available??? not oem maybe junk??
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    How to clean and re-key your B4 door lock

    I thought i can still buy these, yes aftermarket, HAS ANYONE TRIED THEM? thx Theo
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    ***ENGINE SWAP, AHU into B5***

    I have harness, ECU, VAG-COM. I have two engines just sitting around 1Z, AHU and my sister just gave me 99 passat w/ 2.0 gasser Plz advise, someone has done this or i may be the first omg Thank you Theo
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    FS; 1Z & AHU professionally rebuilt FORSALE

    Best offer, the car is on Ebay, the engines are not, I was thinking 900 short block 1400 long 1750 with pump, and Tbelt. 2400 complte(running in a car) Thanks I did i mention i have three? 1) 1Z, 1) AHU, 1)AAZ/1Y
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    FS; 1Z & AHU professionally rebuilt FORSALE

    heads are refreshed with new lifters(hyd) 1z was bored with new pistons ahu was re-ringed cylinders where fine. used best parts and seals Can deliver Washington, maybe Ore and Idaho too. Can configure engine anyway you like short block, long block or complete, note i only have one good turbo and...
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    Fs 96 b4v

    FS 96 Wagon with spares, i have two rebuilt engines (1Z AHU)available. miles are 250 my estimate, cluster has been swapped it reads 151K Copy and paste the vin number here and you will find car history here, wvwhg83a3te072254 bidding starts at 2500 Peace
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    FS: Rebuilt AAZ Engine complete Spokane, Wa.

    For sale to best offer this month. Rebuilt by retired professional mechanic AAZ 1.9 turbo-charged of course, I have parts too, both aaz and 1z/ahu. also working on finalizing complete AHU with ECU and harness. Theo email for pictures(i havnt figured out how to...
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    WTB: older TDI in BC

    i have one here in Spokane
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    No power to cluster?

    There is talk about the voltage regulator inside the cluster being the point of failure. I am working on the 97 passat b4 sedan, i have a Florida car here(omg even found seashells in it) I have replaced fusebox, some wire harnesses, ignition switch, clean grounds AND latests discovery! When i...
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    7mm vs. 8mm Valves 068 103 373 N Head

    yes mk2 hyd valves, thank you
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    FS: B4V 1996 Passat wagon

    wvwhg83a3te072254 copy and patse vin to see much history here and on google, i'm a newy newy here and not allowed(or havn't figured out) to post photos. Theo I have a ton of parts and two spare engines 1Z
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    Serpentine Belt Tensioner Bushing Removal?

    you need to get a hacksaw blade in there, i have tried to punch them out, impossible. dont worry about cutting the aluminum casting slightly, the new sleves will cover those. Cut them out!
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    Where do i send turbocharger 4 rebuild?

    Where do i send turbocharger 4 rebuild? and what should i expect to pay? I have rebuilt them with kits b4, but this one is older K24 with stuck wastegate.
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    7mm vs. 8mm Valves 068 103 373 N Head

    i have 7 valve set in 8mm size, just missing one 8mm exhaust valve. they are hydraulic lifters, 95mm x 31mm x 8mm. NLA is starting to limit our options... Anyone here want to sell me one valve, used in MK2 jetta, rabbit, passat diesel 1.6 Thx
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    7mm vs. 8mm Valves 068 103 373 N Head

    Head is 068 103 373 N 1996 1Z I want to swap 8mm valves into a head rebuild. Is it just a matter of using different size guides? TY Peace Theo