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    Built BRM long block

    Wow guy! I’m the scam? That’s funny. You’re deal had “classic scam" written all over it. Even IF you’re not a scam, I’m not agreeing to pay extra money to make you feel better about your purchase after low balling the crap out of me. My deal was $3500, not $3430. The escrow scam is an old...
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    Built BRM long block

    I started this project about two years ago. My priorities have changed and now it sits. I’m looking for $4000 obo. -Dark side head port and polished -Oversized valves -Upgraded Springs -BHW pistons (machined block to fit pistons) -Rosten Rods -120 injectors -Dark side race cam -ARP head studs...
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    Shortest route to getting a 2260vk working

    FWIW Darkside uses 316 stainless steel instead of 304. Not sure if 316 is necessary, but it is about 30% more expensive than 304. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    BRM “Monster”

    Thanks man. Finally posted some pictures. I was going to buy the VW cam gear puller, but the cheapest one I could find was more expensive than this whole timing set I found on amazon. So far so good.
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    BRM parts

    All parts have about 150k miles on them. Head $450 Injectors $300 Intake manifold $150 Turbo $200 Email me for pics and more information. Located in SC
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    BRM “Monster”

    It seems fairly doable. Every picture host I use to post pictures gives me trouble. I usually post pics through Tapatalk but it’s not working either. Anyway, I’m waiting on the pistons and rods from Darkside. I also bought a cam, ported head, and 120% injectors from someone on these forums...
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    straight pipe

    Check for exhaust leaks. This post was 10 years old!