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    HEX-USB VAG COM for sale - Nova Scotia

    FS: HEX-USB VAG COM for sale - Nova Scotia Hi Folks, I have a HEX-USB vag com for sale. I no longer own a compatible VW so this is no longer useful for me. It is an intelligent Dual-K cable certified ross tech. Pictures are available for those who are interested. This cable has the licence for...
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    Fender rust recall (04 jetta)

    Hey guys, long time no see! I'm looking for some help with finding the recall papers regarding rusting fenders on jettas and golfs. I've got some rust right behind the right front mudflap that I'd like to get taken care of. The car is a 2004 Jetta.. Thanks! Ryan
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    Braking Problem

    Hi all. I'm having a problem with my car. It seems that sometimes when I start off in the morning I have little braking power until I pump the brake once. It seems to be a random occurrence and only happens the first time i set out for the day. It is corrected immediately by releasing the pedal...
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    Interesting Read they were not kidding with their safety advertisements..
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    Transmission Issues.

    For the last 3 winters, we have been having problems with my car and reverse. When cold and placed in reverse, the car acts as if it is in neutral and does not enguage. The reverse lights come on but again it will not go in. This happens only when the car is cold. When warm the transmission...
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    Don't let your kids play with your TDI

    Don't let your kids play with a TDI You can't say I didn't warn you, even if it's a toy
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    Rocket Chip Stage 2:eek: :eek: too much rain in philly.. can't giv'er hell.. damn.......... Will have to wait till tomorrow to try it out.
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    Post here if you have arrived

    just keeping an early check on who has arrived. we're here...
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    Leaving Tomorrow

    Well the time has come to jet to the states for The TDiFest:D Sounds like its going to be a fun time had by all. We are going sight seeing before the fest and will arrive in KOP on the 31'st. If you see a blue Jetta sedan with a Nova Scotia Plate, you'll know the crazy Canuck bluenosers from the...
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    Question about radios

    I am going to be converting my single din '01 Stock radio to the double din '02+ radio. I am going to be purchasing the necessary conversion harness to do the job. My question is, given the new head unit being a Monsoon and the old a non monsoon Is it possible, using the Vag-com to reprogram the...
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    Bought a double din radio

    going to pick it up at the Fest, I plan on converting my single din radio to the stock double din. Should be a fun project. Ya'll have any GTG's coming up mid to late september? By that time the wiring harness I am ordering should be in.
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    removing side signal marker lights A4 Jetta

    I"m wondering how to remove the side signal lights from my jetta, I am not talking about the running lights towards the front but the signal marker closest to the A pillar. I tried pushing forward to remove it, but all I got out of it was a bruised finger from slipping off the marker.. Any...
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    Tounge left somewhere on HWY 102

    Tongue left somewhere on HWY 102 Well not literally, but fyrman on Thursday installed his old injector nozzles in my automatic TDI and I must say, WOW... Theres power on the Tacometer where there wasn't before. Its a nice upgrade, now I have a taste of what you guys have with the .205's ...
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    Still interested in TDIFest?

    hi all, me and quint9 are going down to TDIFest '06 in Philly this September and we floated the idea of having Atlantic participants go down as a group. If anyone is still intersted, please post here. The deadline for the $80 USD rooms is July 31st so don't delay, also I believe that is the...
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    Anyone thinking about TDI Fest '06?

    Me and my father have plans to travel to Pennsylvania for TDI Fest '06. Currently our plans are to make a road trip out of it giving one of our two jettas a workout. We wanted to know if anyone from the atlantic region is interested in going and perhapse would like to form a bit of a VW...