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    Don't park in the street...if you can help it

    A young female, driving a Subaru Legacy, apparently fell asleep temporarily at the wheel (right after having successfully negociated a 90deg turn), only to end up hitting the front driver's side of my beloved TDI. The sound of two exloding tires, along with two airbags going off all at once...
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    ScanGauge Tips & Tricks

    While searching for more info about what the SG can do, I found this over on the forums and thought it might be useful info for all of you who use this amazing little device. Read Entire Thread Note that the PIDs are not vehicle specific. Also, it doesn't seem like the SG can...
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    Programme Eco-Auto finallement en place

    C'est l'temps d'encaisser :D
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    Buzzing Modulite (Hidden Hitch) converter?

    Well, I posted this in the A5 forum but no luck with replies yet. Since the problem might not necessarely be A5 related, I'm thinking that the higher "TDI 101" traffic might help in getting some suggestions. Recently I purchased and installed a Hidden Hitch. I was missing the towing harness...
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    Buzzing Modulite converter

    Recently I purchased and installed a Hidden Hitch. I was missing the towing harness which I purchased from and followed the instructions I found here to proceed with the installation last night. Like most people, I used the 12v power outlet on the right side of the trunk to...
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    C'est pkoi le gros sourire?

    ...question que j'me fais poser souvent depuis que RedRotors s'est occupe de mon ECU lundi passe :D J'ai pas eu l'occasion d'essayer d'autres TDI avec chip/p-box, donc j'peux pas faire une comparaison mais j'ai pas de prob a voir la mega difference que microTuning a fait sur la mienne. Durant...
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    Attache remorque Hidden Hitch pour Jetta 06 - ou? prix?

    Salut, Je cherche une attache remorque Hidden Hitch pour ma Jetta 06. J'en ai trouve sur le net a plusieurs endroits mais j'ai pas le gout de la commander des etats et me ramasser avec des frais douaniers de 200$ a la livraison. Y'a-t-il un endroit ds la region de Mtl ou ca se vend? Sinon, sur...
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    Flashing GP light, no CEL, lost power

    Driving home last night, short trip on the highway all seemed fine until a few corners away from home, I had the impression that the engine was running a bit rougher than usual and was making a deeper sound... I thought it was just my impression but this morning right when I started it the GP...
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    Intro & Digi PD Powerbox question

    Hi all, Noob here :) I've been lurking around and reading alot these past cpl days and obviously learned a lot about TDIs in general given the godly amount of info that can be found here. I'm taking posession of a new 2006 5sp Jetta TDI this week, which will be my first TDI. I've previously...