Learing about TDI's
Charleston S.C.
2000 MK4 TDI Jetta 5spd
Fuel Economy
BEST 58 ( 900 mile Club ) av. 46, worst 38, Mobil 1 TDT
RC3 , Sprint 520's , boost valve , SBC Stage III , 681 fift, Voghtland spring Bilstein TC's, 18's X 7.5, TB Accomplished 5-brake light ,


2K jetta gl tdi 5spd 433k, RC5+, 17/22, R520's, ported head, Colt stg 2, Whitbread double valve springs, ARP head studs, 11mm, 3" turbo back, Kerma OMI, PD150IT & race pipe, VR6 air box & MAF, Godspeed SMIC, 3 bar map, PD lift pump, 681 fift, TT LCA's, spindles, brakes, GLI rear brakes and interior, VR6 axles, mcnalley boost/egt gauge, SBC Stage 2 Endurance, bagged, Michelin Pilot Super Sports



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