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    Car is not running and cold but fan is on

    Thanks for the great advice, I will go check on that. The 2 fans were spinning quickly. Unfortunately I wasnt home all afternoon and evening yesterday and now the car is completely dead soit will take a while before I can actually check to see if im fixing the problem because I have to charge...
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    Car is not running and cold but fan is on

    Nothing in there answers my question, unless I am missing something. My problem is not that something quit running, it's that it is running when it is not supposed to. I'll try to explain as well as I can but I haven't really looked into anything in detail because of all that darn rain, I hate...
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    Car is not running and cold but fan is on

    So I walked out to my car this morning and I thought I heard some noise that didn't exactly sound like the wind, turns out the rad fan is on. Thankfully the battery wasn't completely drained and the car started right up but I shut it off right away and the fan is still running. I don't know how...
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    Import CDN tdi to US

    For searches, click on advanced search and change "sort results by" from last posting date to relevancy. That usually helps quite a bit
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    I was just offered a too good to be true deal-now I need some help...

    oh ya thats a scam, no doubt about it. I just replied to a real funny one yesterday and got a response. It was for a a 2004 Vw polo for 2000$ on kijiji montreal. I'd put up his response but it's in french. It's hilarious though, I'm positive this is some idiot from France who doesn't even know...
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    OT: How old is everyone?

    well there's only a few that beat me for youngest, im 21. Have had my tdi for 2 years now and i love it
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    Help in Ottawa (Rockland) willing to $$$ and beer

    I'd be down for a g2g. Never been to one yet (well last year's tdi fest in montreal) but not a local one. Is there enough people in this area for a decent g2g. Sometimes there's nothing like having a few extra hands to help out with something
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    OT: Is this legit or a scam?

    ok thanks guys. I would've never bought it like that anyway but I just had to make sure it was a scam and not actually a really good deal because then I would be upset if I missed out on it.
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    OT: Is this legit or a scam?

    so definitely a scam?
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    OT: Is this legit or a scam?

    Anyway I sent a load of B.S. back to her and said this just to see what she replies: Where are you in the states? I have lots of family in different area's of the states that im due to go visit, maybe I can kill two birds with one stone. That way i could give you the cash in your hand and it...
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    OT: Is this legit or a scam?

    It sounds too much like a scam but here it is: I saw a 2000 audi tt for sale on kijiji montreal for 3900$, apparently perfect condition car so i replied to it and then this is the email i got back: Hi, I'm Sophie Campbell, you inquired about my 2000 Audi TT Quattro ( VIN# : truuc28n9y1064294...
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    IS Store Bought canola Oil an alternative fuel??

    or as mentioned above run a low percentage in with regular diesel fuel. I haven't yet this summer, but the last 2 summers i've been running 25% canola oil, no modifications to the car. We have an oil press on our farm and we were lucky enough to purchase off spec canola oil and extract the oil...
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    IS Store Bought canola Oil an alternative fuel??

    Of course you can run on store bought canola. Get a conversion kit from or there are a few other conversion kits out there just google it
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    Rim size questions

    I find wider rims and tires look better
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    PSI Powerbox with Nozzles???

    I had a psi tuning box with my sprint 520 nozzles. It worked great for about 3 months or so but then my clutch started slipping so I took it off and later sold it. How much are they asking for those nozzles? I'd stick with Kerma nozzles because they are proven but if the price is significantly...