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    Pics From The Fest

    Greta PICS!!! I am SOOOOO envious, but I'm off to Newfoundland today.(for work, on an airplane, NO tdi's). I hope evryone makes it home safe and sound and that you have a blast today and tomorrow. Thanks Mrs TDI and Gary!!! Claude ------------------ TDIsmokin Claude I am an elitist. I drive a...
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    shift without using the clutch??????

    I'm with Ric and A.M on this one. DONT do it. Grinding is bad. You chip a tooth in one of your gears and you will understand why you should not. VW transmissions have a well deserved reputation for toughness. Yours wont last long with this method of shifting!! Claude ------------------...
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    I'll miss you guys in Wilmington!!!

    Re: I\'ll miss you guys in Wilmington!!! Thanks PUP. I will really enjoy the pics when I get back from the East Coast. You guys have a great time. I'm sure your beast will smoke them at the track!!! I can say I was the first guy in the Forum to meet the almighty PUPPER!!!! I'll be thinking of...
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    Lurker coming out . . .

    Tough choice. Those new Celicas are gorgeous. I think you will love the Jetta. We love our Y2k edition. ------------------ TDIsmokin Claude I am an elitist. I drive a TDI!!
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    I'll miss you guys in Wilmington!!!

    I\'ll miss you guys in Wilmington!!! Unfortunately I have had a fairly slack summer work wise but as an automotive consultant , the Fall is my busy season. I will be on a plane to Newfoundland on Monday of the labor day weekend for 3 weeks of work in the Atlantic Provinces. I will miss the big...
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    Everybody - Have a SAFE Trip!

    Wish I was going!! Claude ------------------ TDIsmokin Claude I am an elitist. I drive a TDI!!
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    Honda Insight: Batteries NOT Included!

    Guys, I drove a Toyota Prius last week and let me tell you. This is a real car. It is unbelievably quiet, efficient and zippy. 4dr auto with air and smooth. This is fascinating technology that is bound to improve and be put in pick ups and vans and SUV's. I say , great going Toyota and Honda for...
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    30K Service questions

    !000 US Dollars for a 30,000 mile service.!!! Somebody is telling you stories. 30K (Miles) is a basic check, LOF and adjustment service. You can take yout T-belt till 60K (seen 2 already removed at 60K and they looked new)and your brakes should need servicing but NOT replacement. The fronts dont...
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    Switching to Mobil-1 @ 90000 (gas engine)

    Morty, I changed from Dino to Mobil 1 in my Camry at 220,000 kms and started extending the intervals. Just turned over 438,000 kms and she runs like a fine Rolex watch. Good move on changing your transmission to mobil 1 also. i have Redline synthetic in mine and have experienced also better...
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    Did My Dealer Goof and Harm My Engine?

    Konrad, Run it hard and run it long. You cant break these things easily. Change your oil often and go to synthetic at your 3rd oil change or so and RUN IT!!!! ------------------ TDIsmokin Claude I am an elitist. I drive a TDI!!
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    maybe prices in US are the same but prices in CANADA have gone Up/Up/Up Across the board at least 500 bucks on TDI's We get skinned like usual. ------------------ TDIsmokin Claude I am an elitist. I drive a TDI!!
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    East Texan, RELAX.Your car is BRAND new. VW's take up to 20-30,000 miles to fully break in. FACT. Your mileage will improve . Claude ------------------ TDIsmokin Claude I am an elitist. I drive a TDI!!
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    Question for the Canadians about oil change

    Duane, Here is the real deal. I own a Toyota Camry (92) that just turned over 435,000 kms today. Ever since 20,000 kms I have run it 10,000 kms for the oil and 5000 kms for the filter. I.E I change the oil and filter at every 10,000 and 1/2 way to my oil change I change the filter. The filter...
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    Switch back to mineral oil

    By the time you factor in twice as long intervals for oil changes and the remarkable benefits to longevity and Turbo life and the added cost of 50-75 bucks per year the only question I have is. WHY??? When you resell the car and you tell owner it has been run specifically on synthetic with such...
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    Killed my TDI today, :(

    God I feel sooo bad for you. What a shame!! Best of luck and hope you have full replacement policy. Remember the damage seems high because these modern autos are so good at buckling to try and save the passengers. The deceleration and brunt of the hit is taken by the car and they tend to...