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    ///// Cannon Ball run in a jetta tdi ?? ////

    I went from oceanside ca to Norfolk va in 34hours in a vw golf vr6. wasn't trying to set a record. it was just me and another car buddy bringing his golf home that set in ca for 4 years. we even had to use route 10 to avoid a snow storm in the mid west. the trick I guess you can say was we only...
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    Richmond,Va TDIers

    im right on the border of Chesapeake and Suffolk if you need a place work on your car. I just sold my mk3 jetta tdi and just finished building my 5.3 for my Silverado. my mk4 golf will probably remain stock and be used for a commuter
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    FS: 2000 Jetta TDI and 1980 VW Pickup/Caddy

    how much for just the truck?
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    Richmond,Va TDIers

    very good point lol. I barely got any storm work out of it.
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    Richmond,Va TDIers

    I wouldn't say im a guru but I cant afford to send my 2 tdi to the shop so ive learned too turn the wrenches on them. one is far from stock and keeps up with mustangs and the other I just drive it with minor mods done to it. On a side note how did everyone manage thru the storm?
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    1981 Rabbit Pickup TDI $6950

    free bump wish I could pull the trigger and buy her
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    Richmond,Va TDIers

    sounds fun might be able to talk the wife into it
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    Richmond,Va TDIers

    Anyone have a free day this weekend and want to do a small meet and greet somewhere ?
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    Richmond,Va TDIers

    keep me posted im up for it all and could meet up with the guys coming from the south east. id roll 460 or 64 im always up for a good road trip.
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    Post your TDI sightings here!!

    seen a Jetta in Suffolk VA pretty cool license plate DAS DZL
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    Pd130 intake vs stock intake

    mongler98 was it a noticeable mod on the ahu?
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    FS: AHU complete engine/swap, VNT 17/22, Malone Stage 5, R520s, Trans, Wavetrac, D24

    I'm interested in the downpipe and exhaust and possibly the intake can you send some pics
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    Richmond,Va TDIers

    Im trying really hard not to and just to drive it. maybe coil overs and fix some of the damage. ive been driving it already put 4000 miles on it. been chasing cel and limp mode on it here lately. its either the maf or vacuum lines. I put my live scanner on it and the maff is working with rpms...
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    Richmond,Va TDIers

    will alh tools work on it?